Family Mode: Souvenir for our Bunso’s Birthday!

3 weeks prior to our baby’s Jollibee Party, we were looking for something useful and practical but at the same time cute for souvenir at her party. Our theme is Hello Kitty, I was sure there would be a lot of stocks. So we browsed through store after store looking for THE ONE!

And we finally found what we wanted! We chose Hello Kitty for the girls and Minions for the boys. Actually the minions can also be for girls.

At first, we were thinking of customizing it per bottle but since we are out of time already, we decided against it. We thought of other ways how we can put label on it so it’ll look like a souvenir from a party.

Hubby came up with this.


We placed it on top of the tumbler’s box so it’s gonna be uniform. Looks nice when put together.


How to make your own label? Find a picture of your theme. Put some thank you and the name of the celebrant. Print it on sticker paper and there you have your own label. You can also make it fun by asking your celebrant kid to help you in sticking the labels on your tumblers.

For my case, I had 2 kids to help me.



Hope you learned something today!

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