Family Mode: Madame Pearl’s BreathEasy Patch

It’s unfortunate that Baby Number 1 got sick on our first day of vacation.  Fortunately, I always bring their medicines when we travel.  But aside from the medicines, there are some other things which can help us.

And that’s what I like here in Hong Kong.  They have a wide selection of over the counter what nots which we could use to alleviate sickness.

D has clogged nose which is causing her fever.  So to help her breathe easily, we bought this Madame Pearl’s BreathEasy Patch which was referred by a friend.


It sells at 40HKD for 5 patches.  In Peso, it’s about 240 for a pack so roughly 50 Pesos for each patch.  Patch lasts for 8 hours.  The patch looks like a thin paper cloth.


Good thing about it is there’s no skin contact as you’ll only need to stick it on your cloth near the chest area.

According to the packaging, it’s all natural.  No camphor, salicylic acid and naphthalene added.  The natural essential oil  used are Eucalyptus, Thymus and Pinus.  These can help breathing easier through inhalation.

It is best applied when about to sleep. 

Smells so good because of the eucalyptus.  Everyone can benefit from the patch.

Will definitely buy some to bring home.

I just hope D gets better the soonest!


2 thoughts on “Family Mode: Madame Pearl’s BreathEasy Patch

  1. Hi,
    I’m Grace, i got this patch before from relative whom got it frm another frd. I used it for my baby when he got blocked nose. It left 1 piece only. My frd is going Hkg next week, i wanted to ask her to help me buy but dunno where to buy this from. Can advise?

    Thanks in advance.


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