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Family Mode: SM & Disney Asia

Last September 1, 2015, the SM Group announced their collaboration with The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia to bring closer to us the Disney brand of stories and characters.  Together with this comes also the Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars Brand.

To officially seal the deal, the two giant heads crossed lightsabers.  Picture taken from the SM Investments Website.


Here is another picture from the same website during the official announcement.  With our most beloved Disney Characters!


This December, in line with the launch of the new Star Wars movie, they will hold an exhibit called Star Wars Galactic Christmas.  This exhibit will feature life-size Star Wars figurines from the movie, some interactive games and a lot more.

This is just the beginning.  I just can’t wait what else would be in store for us.  I love Disney ever since and even my daughters love them now. 

See you Mickey and Minnie!



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