Family Mode: Moon Cake Dice Game (The Prizes)

This has been our family’s tradition for so many years already.  I remember Papa introducing the game to us before and our prizes will be Hopias!  1 whole set of Hopias from the littlest one to the biggest one which is the Grand Prize. 

I remember eating the mini hopias as the game goes. It leaves you so full after the game is finished.

This set of Hopias can be bought at the Eng Bee Tin until this day.  It composes of 63 pcs of varying sizes of Hopias which covers prizes for all the game levels.


But prizes have evolved, from hopia only to hopia with some cash, to all cash prizes, to hopia with some food items and snacks, back to cash prizes, then to food items and cash prizes, which is what we still do until today.  As we grow older and the family bigger, we make it a point to level up our prizes every year. 

We took advantage of S&R’s sale, almost all the prizes for the family’s annual dice game were bought there!

It’s gonna be fun for sure!

Here are our prizes for this year’s event.  The Grand Prize is of course, CASH!  The 1st prize to the consolation prizes are the following:






We might throw in some Cash here and there if budget permits.  But I really can’t wait for Sept 27!

Yey!  So excited!


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