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Family Mode: My Own Egg Surprise

Being a mom isnt’t easy.  But it is so much fun!  You get to be a child once again.

My 2 daughters love watching Egg Surprises on YouTube.  They can’t get enough of it.  So I decided to make my own Egg Surprise for them.  You can do this too!

It took me a few minutes to do this!

1) Prepare some plastic eggs.  These eggs are the ones that can be opened.  I didn’t buy anymore since I found some in their toy chest.  This morning, I asked our helper to wash the eggs.  Put them in a container.


2)  Think of little things that can fit inside the eggs.  I gathered some of their favorite trinkets.  Then, raided our fridge for chocolates!



3)  Put these little things inside the eggs.


4)  Voila!  Your eggs are ready!


Due to limited time, I didn’t have the time to wrap the eggs anymore.  Maybe for the next batch of the egg surprise!

I can’t wait for my kids to wake up tomorrow and see the box I used which I labelled like this:


Go make one now!



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