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Office Thing: A Bouquet of F!

It’s the birthday of our Big Boss tomorrow and we thought of giving her a bouquet of fruits!  Yup, you heard it right!

I searched for frui-quet and I saw one in Eastwood and then Fruits in Bloom, they are the one who had a stall in Robinson’s Magnolia before.  Unfortunately, this stall closed shop already. 

Fortunately though, the main office located in Makati City is still accepting orders through online or through phone call. 

I checked out their website, Fruits in Bloom and browsed for possible designs.  We picked this.


This design is called Sweet Memories and will cost Php2,600.00, add the delivery charge of Php 300.00 and the total will be Php 2,900.00! 

It is kinda expensive but you are paying for the uniqueness of the product.  We will see how the real / actual product will fare tomorrow.


So excited this morning as I wait for the delivery of the fruit bouquet. It arrived looking fancy. Packaged in a box with a transparent cover in front to be able to peek through what’s inside.


Something caught my eye immediately.


Yes, the fruits were arranged almost perfectly the same as the picture from the website, but the vase didn’t look anything like what’s in the picture.

Instead of what’s supposed to be a ceramic vase became a plain looking tin can with a black paint on it. I don’t even know what the black paint is there for.

I called up Ruby, the one I ordered from and asked her why it was like that. I told her I picked that design because of the vase. Because all the others were just plain orange pots. She told me that the tin can is really what they use now. So I told her, they should take down the photo with the pretty vase. She said she will tell her boss. She should because it seems like false advertising to me.

Would just be waste of time to argue with her, what’s done is done. Good thing that when we gave the bouquet to the Big Boss, she thought it was nice and she was happy about it.

Though I was a little disappointed, the idea is still unique and it’s still a great gift to give. Just be clear and specific with your order to avoid unnecessary blunders like this.




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