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Baby Thing: EQ Dry Bonding Time Buddies

Hooray for EQ’s newest promo! 



Time to take out my stash! I always keep the diaper wrappers Shobe consumes so that when there are promos like this, I could join.


Besides being affordable and compatible with my baby’s bum, what I love about EQ is they have a lot of promos.

Each wrapper has a corresponding point.  For example, a XXL 36 pcs EQ Dry Bubble Sheet Pack equals to 3 points.  This is what my baby uses.  For smaller packs, there will be lower points. 

These points can be exchanged for items during a promo period such as this newest one – Bonding Time Buddies. 

The available items are LED Lamps with Animal Designs.  These Lamps has either a Cow, a Horse or a Rabbit Design.  These can be yours for a total of 30 points, which are 10 packs of XXL 36pcs EQ Dry Diaper. 

It is so easy.  These wrappers should be sent via mail or hand carried to the JS Unitrade Office in Ortigas for Manila participants with the information of both the sender and the baby.  The items you chose will be delivered right at your doorstep.  Take note however that soiled wrappers will not be accepted.  Wrappers with cut out points will not be accepted as well.

So what are you waiting for?  Join now!



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