Office Thing: Wake Me Up!

I don’t usually drink coffee in the office.  But sometimes, it’s needed.

Like the other day, I was so sleepy and it was so cold in my area.  I needed a drink that could wake my senses and at the same time, ease the coldness.

I decided to try this and I fell in love.


It’s 3 in 1.  There are 3 things I love about it.

1) Chocolatteness – too much caffeine makes my head ache and thankfully, this drink does not.  Which means that maybe the chocolate flavoring balanced the caffeine? 

2) Milkyness & Frothyness – milky & frothy I love.  Drink’s not too sweet.  Smells so good also!

3)  Muraness – this will set you back Php 10.00 per pack!  So mura, so good!

Try it! 


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