Food Trip: Happy Lulu – Fusion Kitchen

Family Sunday Lunch at Happy Lulu!


A Fusion Kitchen. Loved the somewhat vintage pieces they used for the interior, especially that golden mirror!

A quaint little kitchen near the Banawe area. Something different to try. And it’s not even expensive. Prices range from Php 150.00 to Php 250.00!!! But the food is absolutely of quality!

Today’s menu consisted of Seafood Dishes.


Started with some soup. Hot & Sour Soup for the adults and Lomi Noodles for the kids.

The Hot & Sour is really hot! No doubt about that. Loved the texture of the Tofu, not squishy. We couldn’t control ourselves after we finished a bowl, we ordered another one!

Their Lomi Noodles is a catch with its price of Php 180.00! A lot of
ingredients tossed into that superb bowl, from veggies to meat to shrimps!


My MIL already planning to go back just because of this Sea Cucumber Tendon Dish! He said FIL will love it.

The Sizzling Oyster is for the oyster lovers out there. A must!


Picking the Grilled Squid over the more tasteful Sizzling Salmon Belly. Why? Some belly still has bones and I almost got prickled. Phobia on Fishbones!


Lastly, my favorite of all we ordered. The Spicy Clams! Not as spicy as the Hot & Sour Soup. So, it’s good to go in my throat!

Happy Lulu is such a Happy Place for the tummy!

Visit them at 19 Ubay Street Quezon City.

Follow them on their Facebook Page. Happy Lulu


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