Passport Renewal 2015 – Release of Passport

Sorry guys, this took so long. But it’s only the post that took a long time. The passport releasing is a breeze.

After the application, you will be given a claim stub. The schedule of releasing is written there. It usually takes 3 weeks to 1 month before you could claim your passport.

I let a few days passed before I went to claim my passport. The Releasing Center of DFA in SM Manila is located on a different entrance but still the same floor as the Passport Application.

There’s nobody there since it was almost closing time. I was asked to put my claim stub on their little box in the window. Get seated and wait. For just a few minutes, they will call you and ask you to sign digitally to acknowledge receipt of your passport. Make sure you check all the details on the Info Page.

There you go, easy right! You are now set to travel again with your new passport in hand!

If you haven’t read my post yet on Passport Renewal Application, go to

Happy Trip!

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