Food Trip: Hungry Sumo

Decided to try out Hungry Sumo here in Retiro!


I like the homey feel of the interior.  Red and yellow are 2 of my favorite colors!  Seems biased?  Nah, these colors have been tried and tested as good colors for fastfood joints. 

I chose their Original Chicken Steak. 


This set is a Hungry Meal – 1 pc of Chicken Steak, a cup of rice and a bowl of soup.  This meal is only Php 80.00! 

Hubby who is a fan of curries, chose their Curry Chops.


This set which costs Php 125.00, consists of 1 pc of Chicken Steak, a cup of rice and a bowl of soup.  Curry sauce with corn and carrots poured over the steak.

True to their slogan, their Steaks are really So Tender, So Juicy and So Satisfying. 

For people with a larger appetite, you could choose to have a Sumo Meal, everything is the same except there will be 2 pcs of Chicken Steaks per set.

For a budgeted meal, Hungry Sumo delivers.  Easy on the pocket but full on the tummy! 

Check out their other offerings by looking at their menu.


Go try them now!!!

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