Passport Renewal 2015 – Actual Appointment

We have set up an appointment a few weeks back, now it’s time for the actual renewal of Passport.

1) Check your documents.

Few days before the actual appointment arrives, check your documents. The Application Form must be printed on a LONG BOND PAPER. Photocopies of your old passport’s first and last page must be on a whole sheet of paper each.

2) Actual Appointment Date.


A) Go to your selected satellite office at least an hour before your chosen time.  They allow you to line up 30 minutes prior to your time.  As for me and my daughter, we enjoyed lining up because we had ordered some take out from McDo. 


B) Our appointment’s 2pm we got settled in the Processing Waiting Area at 2:10pm. 


There’s a room full of aspiring passport holders.  The line is long because at first, there were only 3 windows open.  Maybe they had their lunch, who knows? 

At the back of the room, there’s a copier and notarial section. 


This is actually a good idea, since you don’t have to go all the way out to the mall when you only need a page to photocopy.  But to lessen the hassle, one must really prepare the documents needed prior to appointment.

We are almost there!!!  At around 2:50pm, the previously 3 windows open became 5 windows which really sped up the line.  And also, a window for “renewals only” opened. 


We got called second in the “renewals only” window.  Just our luck!  It’s super fast.  She checked our docs and asked me to have my application form photocopied, it will be used as an attachment to my daughter’s application form. 

After that, she cancelled our old passports.  But she didn’t perforate the pages with visas.  That’s not allowed according to the officer who assisted.

C) Cashier
The Officer who processed our application forms issued us receipts and instructed us to go to the Cashier.
For Regular Processing, the Passport costs Php 950.00. It will take 20 days.
For Rush Processing, the Passport costs Php 1200.00. It will only take 10 days. You can either choose to pick it up or pay a courier to deliver it to your doorstep.

Courier fee is Php 150 per passport. It will be delivered a day after the scheduled release date of your passport.

D) Encoding Center
Right after payment, you’ll be directed to another room.

Totally the opposite of the Processing Center, here, there were no long lines. And all the booths are manned.

We were immediately seated. In less than 10 minutes, our data has been encoded into their system and our passport pictures have been taken.

Total time of Passport Renewal: 1 hour and 5 minutes. From the time we were ushered in the Processing Area. Not bad for a government office. Truly is World Class as what they claim in their website.

Kudos to DFA NCR WEST for a job well done!

Now it’s time to wait for the release of our new passports!

Check out how to Set An Appointment here!

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