Passport Renewal 2015 – Setting the Appointment

The last time I renewed my passport, it was with my first born, so we were given priority at DFA Aseana.  She was only a few months old then.

Now, she’s 5 years old and it’s time to have our passports renewed.  We have to go through regular processing.

Here is the step by step procedure on how to renew a passport and the documents needed.

Please take note that our passports are E-Passports already.

1) Go to

Read through some of the reminders on the page. Doesn’t hurt to know some additional information.

2) When you are ready, click Set An Appointment.


When you are already on the Set An Appointment Page, you’ll be asked to choose where you want to renew your passport.


I chose the satellite office in SM Manila because it’s nearer to my place. It is also called DFA – NCR WEST, opens Mondays thru Saturdays, 10 am to 7pm.


If you are renewing with a family member like me, you must click on the Family Application Form to ensure same appointment date.


If you are renewing by yourself, you go straight to the Start Individual Appointment Process button.


You need to fill up the application form. It is best to have your old passport ready as you need to input the passport number and the date of issuance. When you are done with filling up all your basic information, you review the details then proceed with choosing your appointment date and time. But before you reach the appointment dates, you’ll go through a few pages of documentary requirements and list of acceptable ids depending on your situation.


Once you’ve gone through all the different requirements, this will pop up.
If you are ready, go and proceed on setting your appointment date!

Confirmation will be sent to your email address. Wait for the email and confirm your appointment. Once confirmed,
print the application form on a LONG BOND PAPER. Photocopy the first page of your old passport, the Data Page, and the last page, the one with the bar code.

Now, you are done with Part 1 of your Passport Renewal. Wait for your chosen appointment date to arrive.

Check out how the actual appointment goes here!

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