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Food Trip: Craft Coffee Revolution

In 1 week, I was able to bring hubby and kids to Craft.

Unfortunately, Chocolate Lava isn’t available.  We settled for Chocolate Fudge.  It is good but nothing can beat the Lava!


It was already late so I didn’t want to repeat what happened to me last week.  I didn’t sleep until 4am in the morning.  So only hubby ordered a drink.

He tried their Piccolo Latte.  I took a sip and I know already that it’s a bit strong.  Oh by the way, you could check out their other coffees by looking at the super cool Drinks Menu found below.  It’s etched on a plank of wood.


It used to be me and hubby only during Saturday nights out with friends.  Now, 2 kids join us and it’s going to be this way until they grow up.


Disclaimer: I am just saying, not complaining.

Until then!


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