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Food Trip: Nadai Fujisoba

Went out with some friends last Friday night for chit chat.  Our choice?  Nadai Fujisoba at Lucky Chinatown Mall.  It is very convenient that we have this mall near our workplace.

Nadai Fujisoba is a little bit new and a little bit small for a resto.  It just took some space from the resto beside it.  I love its black and white with some splash of red logo design.


So here we are on the opposite side of the resto waiting for our food.  They have table set ups in front of the resto.  Just beside The Face Shop.


4 of us ordered this dish, the famous Katsudon!  It is really delicious.  The meat is so tender and the sauce is all over the rice down the bottom.  The egg is beaten and cooked just right.  All this for Pho 200.00.


We ordered a bowl of tempura for sharing.  1 piece each.  Enough to tingle our tastebuds.  Hahaha!  Crunchy on the ourside, not too floury.  Very soft on the inside.  I think this is around Php 150.00 – Php 200.00.


This ramen is Aka Fujisoba.  It is a spicy ramen with beef slices and some seaweeds.


If you are around the Binondo area, don’t hesitate to drop by Nadai Fujisoba for your quick and affordable Japanese fix!


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