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Food Trip: Craft Coffee Revolution

After our Ramen dinner, we decided to go someplace else.  Our choice? Craft Coffee Revolution at New Manila.

It’s a quaint little coffee shop but it sure is big on the quality of its coffee and desserts.


Photo grabbed from Craft Coffee Revolution’s Facebook Page

I am not a coffee drinker, let’s get that straight.  I don’t drink coffee in the morning.  I am a milk person.  I only drink coffee when I am out with friends for chats.

I ordered Cafe Mocha because there’s not much caffeine.  Friend number 1 also did, she’s a bit like me when it comes to coffee.  Too much caffeine makes our head ache.  Friend number 2, a coffee lover, ordered Cappucino. 

For our sweet fix, there’s Chocolate Lava and Frozen Brazo, 2 of their bestsellers.  As much as we would like to try their Macademia Sansrival, our tummies can’t handle that anymore.  Save that for our next visit.

Here’s what our orders looked like.


My first sip, mmm…. my Cafe Mocha’s really frothy, not too sweet and definitely not bitter.  My cup of coffee. 🙂

Sure does compliment our dessert.  I have to give special mention to the Chocolate Lava!


Oozing with chocolate from the inside, crispy and crunchy crust to go with it, this is now my favorite dessert of all time!  I love it  so much that I had to order 1 for take out so I could let hubby taste my newfound treasure.

I will surely bring him here.  Even our kids will enjoy the pastries!  I have a mission too!  I have to take a picture of their menu, the words are etched into a piece of wood.

Craft Coffee Revolution already has 3 branches to date!  Please like their Facebook Page, Craft Coffee Revolution  HQ and follow them on Instagram, @craftcoffeerevolutionph.  I already did!


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