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Happy Things!

A lot of things have happened this past week and I needed to divert the nega vibes that have been lingering for a time now.

What else there is to do other than shopping?  Uhm, rather, online shopping… Hubby’s looking at me at this moment, I look at him and say, I’m just browsing…

To say that I love bags would be an understatement.

Even my kids know I love bags, they got me a Cath Kidston handbag as a gift for my birthday.


Since I just got a handbag, I am thinking of getting a smaller bag.

Good thing I chanced upon Zalora.  They have these pastel colored clutches which I think are very cute!!!


Aside from these 2 candies, there are other clutches I am eyeing.




I can use these clutches for parties or for mall trips or maybe date nights!

Check out this site and help me choose!  Their clutches are now on sale!!! So we need to hurry up!  Feel free to leave in the comment your choice for me!

Thanks everyone!!!


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