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Minion Epic Fail

The kids kept seeing this Minion Mamon Decorating Thing on TV so as a reward to them, me and hubby bought them something from the grocery.

The box of Monde Mamon had Minions all over it, so we thought that it’s the Real Deal!  It is different from the regular packaging which has no sign of any minion on the package.  There was a little question in mind, why it has to be in a box and on 2 bags of 6 packs of mamon.  Since we were in a hurry, we weren’t able to check if it has in fact the yellow icing and the eyes.

When we opened the box, there were 2 bags with 6 packs of Minion packaged mamons.  I opened 1 bag, then hurriedly opened a pack, only to find out that there are no decorating kit inside the box. 

I checked the net and I saw that there was in fact another packaging with Minions that has the Mamon-It-Yourself printed on the packaging and it can be bought on packs of 6.

Oh well, so much for our mamon art tonight.  2 words I can say: EPIC FAIL!


See you on our next post with our Minion Mamons!


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