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Get some STARS!!!

School officially started yesterday and I am pretty sure this will be a good year for my daughter.

She got 3 stars on her first day and that gave me an idea.  I actually saw this before from another mommy and I thought, why not do it now while it’s only the start of the school year.

So I made this little charts and numbered them.  Then I asked my daughter what she wanted for a prize for every 10 stars she gets from her class.


For the 10th star, she wants to have a scoop of ice cream.  For the 20th star, a tumbler of popcorn!


For the 30th star, she’s getting Potato Corner French Fries.  For the 40th star, a Happy Lemon drink of her choice.


For the 50th star, J. Co Donuts. For the 60th star, she will get to play at Tom’s World.


For the 70th star, she’s going to Kidzoona at Galleria!

We haven’t actually finished it yet.  Of course, these are just small rewards for the stars she will be getting.  It inspires the kid and it makes her look forward to a little something every now and then.

When we were doing this, it was actually fun, because I can see her giddyness and excitement while she was thinking of the rewards she wanted.

Maybe you’d like to do it for your kids too! It’s so easy to make as well!


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