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Pink Parlour Philippines


One fine Saturday afternoon, I finally got the chance to visit Pink Parlour at their A. Venue Mall Branch.  As of date, they already have 3 branches and a 4th branch is coming soon!  I called up to set an appointment because I don’t want to wait in line.  I know they are now in demand for their waxing and spray tan services.

Pink Parlour is a franchise from Singapore and they have been given many awards.  See for yourself.

Photo courtesy of Pink Parlour's Facebook Page
Photo courtesy of Pink Parlour’s Facebook Page

Getting an appointment is so easy with Pink Parlour’s very accommodating staff.  I’ve talked with Ms Charmie on the phone and she was also the one who treated me.  She was very nice and she sees to it that I’m still okay and not feeling any pain all throughout the treatment.

Let me show you some of the photos I took while there:

This is their Wall of Fame, where some of their awards are displayed.  This is just beside the counter.  As you can see, the wall is PINK!!!  I love it!


Immediately after I got in, I was asked to change into this cutesy slippers in zebra print and pink straps!


I like that they have a shower area to wash before the treatment.  But it’s really small and it doesn’t even have a hook inside.  So I had a hard time with my things. I hope they add some hooks or an overhead shelf to hold client’s things.

Directed into Room # 1, this is how it looks inside the room.  And take note that it’s really a room with a door!  Not like some other waxing salons, they only have curtains to separate the rooms.  If you want privacy, head on to Pink Parlour!


It isn’t called Pink Parlour for nothing!  Everything has a touch of pink and complemented by Black and some Zebra Stripes.  This is my bed. The zebra print is covered in plastic, so it can easily be cleaned.  Then there’s a black towel on top so that it can be changed with every client.  Lookie at my bag there, it’s a match!


In the counter just across the bed are some toiletries,


and a lot of wooden spatulas to be used as wax applicator.  In Pink Parlour, hygiene is very important!  No double dipping!  They also sterilize all their equipments.


And if you want a nitty gritty on their hygiene standards, read this!  

True to their theme, the wax they will be using is also PINK!!!


The wax they use is imported from Australia.  In fact, it’s Australia’s #1 brand.  This brand is known for its high grade quality waxes.  Hard wax is used to minimize the pain or discomfort a client may feel.  As I have said, they have won numerous awards for giving the most painless Brazilian treatment ever!

And in my experience, it really is the most painless I have ever felt.  The pain is there but it will go away in a few seconds!   It’s tolerable and that’s coming from me who has very low pain tolerance!  The treatment lasted for a little over 20 minutes and that’s because Ms Charmie stopped whenever I felt a little discomfort.  She’s really funny and she even told me, “NO PAIN, NO GAIN!”  So very true!

I am now a Brazilian Survivor!  How cute it is that they have their own certificate for first timers (in their salon) like me!


In my opinion, I think Pink Parlour is really the BEST there is in Brazilian Waxing!  It may be a little expensive than the other salons, but if you’ll experience the best, it’s okay to splurge a little bit more right?  Nothing beats having that clean feeling down there!

So what are you waiting for?  Go Hair-Free and book your appointments now!

You can check them out at their official website: Pink Parlour Philippines or Like them in their Facebook Page: Pink Parlour Philippines.  You can also follow them on Instagram: @pinkparlourph  and on Twitter @pinkparlourph!


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