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Ye Dang – Korea Trip Hangover

For Mother’s Day Celebration, we decided to try Ye Dang here in Meralco Avenue.  Heard that it’s good here.

We can’t get enough of our Korea Vacation. So here we are still eating Korean Food!

What greeted me when I entered the door!




The place is bustling!  Full house and it’s only 6:30pm!


As of writing, I am waiting for our table.  Let me give you an update later.

Finally, we are seated after 15minutes of waiting.  Kids doing some heart signs for Mother’s Day!



What’s the downfall in eating in a full-packed Korean BBQ Resto? It’s hot!  Airconditioning is not enough!  So we called for ice cold water!

In all Korean Restos I’ve been too, they always serve lots of appetizers. And for this one, I loved their Crispy Sweet Dilis!


Getting ready to start cooking!

Our 1st batch of BBQ Meat!

Ready to be eaten!

Not that tender and maybe more marinate for the pork.

Noodles for the kids. Favorite Korean Japchae!

The same kind of noodles we tasted in Korea, chewy but soft. The Japchae’s actually yummy.

Some Spicy Tofu Stew.

Hubby loved this. The Tofu is super soft. It almost melts in your mouth.

Korean Fish to add to our meal.

The fish is a little bit spicy. Tastes good also.

After an hour of eating, I am so very full!
But still so many left of our food!

Overall, nothing compares to eating Galbi in Seoul! The meat’s more tender and tastier. But hey, we ‘re already back and this is how good it can get until we go back to Korea!

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!


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