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Myeongdong Tourist Information Center

While walking towards Myeongdong, the Keb Plaza’s Money Mural caught our attention.  Good thing, we stopped to take pictures as we discovered a gem just a little behind it.

The Myeongdong Tourist Information Center is part of Korea’s technique to help tourists get around the city.  You can actually see Tourist Information Centers, Booths and Persons everywhere you go.  It’s very convenient for us since we can ask them for directions if we get lost, they are Multi Lingual too!  The Tourist Personnel either speak English, Mandarin or Japanese!

Back to the MTIC, it looked like this from the outside.  It features a map of Korea which is actually a Postbox! A different post on that cute Postbox!



Inside the Center, tour guides who speak English, Japanese and Mandarin will greet you.  There were some computers with internet access which you could use.  The center also offers Free WIFI and unlike other Shops that close A/C during Cold Weather, the Center doesn’t close their A/C.  You can actually stay for a while in the benches inside.  Souvenirs and memorabilias are also available for purchase, this is important especially if you don’t have any more time to go to Insadong or the other markets.


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