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Bulaluhan sa Ramirez

When my husband and I were still dating, we frequently ate here at Bulaluhan sa Ramirez.  Sometimes just the 2 of us, sometimes with his basketball friends, sometimes with his siblings.  Their food is good and cheap!

It is located in the corner of Ramirez Street hence the name.  It’s a non airconditioned resto.  It was actually a carinderia which expanded into a real dine in resto.  It’s now renovated and I guess they are still on their way to improving the place.  Even if it has no aircon, people still flock to this place,  a great place to hang out and eat good food with friends without burning your wallet!


Anyway, just the other night, my hubby was craving for some really hot soup as he was not feeling so well.  He requested for Bulaluhan and so we met there.  True enough, their soup is boiling hot!  They have this one big caldero where they boil the soup continuously. 

Hubby ordered a Bulalo Espesyal.  Priced at Php 157.00.  It was so well worth it.


It’s pure bulalo meat.  The bone is huge.  One of the best bulalos I had ever.

I ordered my all time fave Inihaw Liempo which is priced at Php 62.00. 


Still tasted as good as I remembered it.  It’s juicy and with a sweet taste to it.

My sis in law ordered a Pork Sisig which is also one of their signature dishes.  It was priced at Php67.00.  Where else can you get that?


I don’t eat Pork Sisig as I don’t eat internal organs.  But they say it really is yummy. 

We ordered an additional dish, we chose Pork Steak which was priced at Php67.00 as well.


The beef is so soft it almost melts.  The only thing I hate is that they served it cold.

In addition to the 4 dishes, we ordered 5 plain rice and 3 softdrinks.  Rice at Php12.00 each and the drinks at Php 15.00 each.  Our total is only Php 458.00!  That sure is inexpensive!  We were so full and grateful for the dinner we just had.

For the full price of their dishes, here’s a picture I took of their Menu Board.


Definitely going back soon!


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