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Lock-It Lockets

I am one girl who really loves accessories and other girly stuff!  So this new product really suits me and definitely all the other girls like me!

My newest baby is called Lock-It Lockets.  Our tagline is “Pick a locket.  Tell your story with charms.  Lock it and wear it!”


Remember the old fashioned lockets we used to have when we were kids, where we put our pictures or pictures of our loved ones and wear it close to our heart?  Lock-It Lockets is a modern version of that. 

You choose your own locket, it could be simple with a plain surface or it could be full of bling!  Lockets come in a variety of colors – gold, rose gold, silver, coffee and gun black.  They also have a lot of shapes, some are round and some are heart-shaped.

Our lockets are made of alloy and glass.  Don’t fret, this material is hypoallergenic and would not be a threat whatsoever to your health.  You are free to wear it anytime and anywhere! 

How to personalize your locket?  It’s so easy!  Just pick out charms that best represent who you are.  Or maybe mix and match charms that could tell a story.  It’s all about you and who you are or who you hope to be. 

Here’s an example of our round bracelet lockets.


And our heart-shaped necklace lockets.


We also have round necklace lockets.


Another good thing about these lockets, it’s not permanent.  You can change the charms depending on your mood.  You can also interchange the chains for the necklaces.  There’s a lot to do with the lockets and the charms!

Always a new accessory to wear!  So what are you waiting for?

Pick a locket.  Tell your story with charms.  Lock it and wear it!


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