The Journey Tonight

Rainy season is definitely here!  It’s just the 1st week of August but the rain is just pouring almost everyday!  This cause streets all around the metro to flood, just like tonight.

When I got out of the office, it was really pouring hard and I didn’t have any choice but to brave the rain.  The result?  My whole leg soaking wet!  Even my arms too!  I’d have to remember to change my mini umbrella into a regular sized one.  Good thing it’s not yet stagnant flood water, or else I’d be stuck where I stood.  

I am pretty sure this will not be the first and last time, so I passed by SM Quiapo and bought a pair of boots!  Luckily, they are on sale!  A few broken sizes left and voila, my size!  Php 150.00 for a cute pair of army themed boots,  not so bad right? 

Yes, not bad.  But TRAFFIC is so bad right  now!  It’s super slow moving that the travel from Sta Cruz to Lawton was a good 45 minutes. 

It’s always this way if there’s heavy rain.  It automatically equates to heavy traffic!

Aside from our very effective drainage system (pun intended!), our government is also wise enough to dig and excavate a lot of roads which are not even damaged (another pun intended!).  Yes, they supposedly have good intention, and that is to improve the drainage system, but it’s causing more bad than good! 

You see a lot of roads all digged up and just there, waiting for a miracle to happen!  First of all, they should have done all the road repairs during the summer.  Students are on vacation so that’s a big chunk of people out the streets.  Also, their work will not be impended with rain and flood.  The cement or gravel used will dry easily.  I don’t know why they almost always start road repairs during the rainy season.  Secondly, they do all the roads simultaneously.  A good example will be the Sta Mesa area.  They have repairs going on at V Mapa, it’s the main road where all the private vehicles and public utility vehicles pass by to go to Kalentong, Shaw, Pasig from Manila and vice versa.  It’s now one-way going to Manila, so where will all the cars going the opposite way pass?  They made them detour in Bacood.  That should be fine, except that there are ongoing MAJOR repairs also in that area.  The main road (Bagumbayan) is halfway done.  There are some inside streets also excavated and digged up.  You can just imagine the hell of a traffic there!

Wow!  It’s now 8:04pm and we’re still on the road.  But traffic is better where we are now.  It’s normal because everyone is stuck where we came from.

I don’t know how to end this piece, maybe a plea to our government? 

Dear government,

Please make our lives easy.  After all, we are paying taxes!  I don’t give a damn if you want to be a little corrupt or something, as long as we could see that life could be better for us. 

Thank you, I am home now. 

Sincerely yours,


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