LRT Line 2 – Observations

The almost 3 weeks that I have been taking the LRT Line 2, my route is usually either from V Mapa or Pureza Station going to Recto Station and vice versa. 

Since I am always on the lookout for anything and everything on my surrounding, here are what I observed in the stations I have been to!  Unrelated to actual LRT train operations.

V. Mapa signage stickers are peeling off.  It’s not only in this station that stickers are peeling off.  Nothing major but should have been maintained properly so that passengers know what station they are in.


Elevators are ALMOST ALWAYS OUT OF SERVICE!  It’s ok if you are strong and able, but what if you are a Senior Citizen or a Handicapped Person or a Pregnant Woman?  It’s really hard to take the stairs especially if it’s raining and the stairs can be slippery.


Just like the Elevators, some of these Escalators have PERMANENT barriers of NO ENTRY sign blocking them.  Are they really out of service?  Are they really being maintained?  Or does the LRTA just don’t want to let the passengers use them?


Escalators used as regular stairs.  I’m not so sure if LRTA just want to promote healthy lifestyle to passengers and force them to take the stairs.


If that’s the case, it should be the passenger’s choice whether he wants to take the stairs or the escalators. 

I find it a waste to see these escalators and elevators just be on display and not serve their real purpose.

Calling LRTA management.  Please make them IN SERVICE and not OUT OF SERVICE.

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