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My funny kids

Last night, it was sleeping time already, so I went out of the room to get milk for the 2 kids.  About 3 minutes after, I went back to the room with 2 bottles of milk, only to find out that they have doodled and were still doodling and drawing lines some walls with their crayons!!!

Daphne’s holding a blue crayon and Denise has black in her hand!

I told them to stop immediately and asked them to clean the writings on the walls as punishment.  I gave them each a piece of wet tissue. 

A few minutes into the scrubbing, the kids were enjoying it already.  I even stopped Denise from doing it, but instead she got angry with me and still proceeded with scrubbing.

How funny my kids are!  They didn’t take my punishment as punishment per se, but they turned it into a fun activity.  Here are some pictures from last night!








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