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Kapitolyo Food Trip.  We tried a new resto for Sunday dinner.

We have eyed ThaiDara for a few times already but it was always full.  But tonight, we were a bit early for dinner so we finally were able to score a table for 3.  It was only me, hubby and my mom in law, who like us hubby & wife, loves to try new restos in town. 


Thaidara is a quaint little resto in Kapitolyo Pasig.  It can only seat about about 18 to 20 pax on the ground floor.  They do have a 2nd floor but I am not so sure if they use it anymore. 

Inside, on its wall, you can see a big sign which states that they are voted Top 3 as Best PadThai.  I haven’t tried the Top 1 and Top 2, but definitely, ThaiDara’s PadThai will surely be one of the bests I have tried.


They were already numerous reviews about ThaiDara and they were also featured a lot of times in Food Magazines.  These are framed and hanged on one side of their wall.  I asked the order taker what their best sellers were aside from PadThai.  She answered almost immediately, TomYum Soup, Bagoong Rice, 3some Fried Rice, Pomelo Salad and Panang Curry Beef. 

We would have tried everything she said, but we were just 3 people so we settled for the following:

PadThai Noodle


3some Fried Rice


TomYum Soup (Shrimp)


Crispy Tofu


and Pandan Chicken.


The TomYum soup definitely caught our attention.  It tasted just right.  Wasn’t too sour for your tummy to go berserk.  Shrimps were abundant! Mixed with some mushrooms too!

The Crispy Tofu was a different sight to behold.  It was indeed crispy on the outside but super soft tofu on the inside.  They made it looked like a mini hamburger with a pickle in the middle.

When my mom in law tasted the 3some Fried Rice, she was like, “wow sarap!”  Meaning, it was good.  Her palate wasn’t easy to please, so for her to exclaim such a praise like that!  It was definitely worth trying out asap!  I scooped a few spoonful of rice and put it on my plate.  I can’t wait!  When I tasted the rice, I also wasn’t able to contain myself, I also said, “wow, ang sarap nga!” (Wow, it’s really good!)   The rice alone can make the whole dinner complete.  Kahit wala nang ulam!  (Even without the viands!) 

And of course, there was the Pad Thai.  Saving the best for last?  Yes.

The Pad Thai was really yummy.  One of the bests I have tasted.  The noodle wasn’t too soft.  Since it was stir fried, I was already expecting it to be oily, but it was not.  It was mixed with all the right ingredients, shrimps, bean sprouts, peanuts, some meat and some more veggies. 

The only choice that didn’t make an impact was the Pandan Chicken, it was a little dry.  Not juicy anymore.

But overall, it was a nice experience.

Since we ordered 5 types of food, and the serving was good for 2 to 3 people, it was just right for our tummies.  No left overs.  And we were really full!  Our total bill was roughly Php 1000.00.  It was so worth it! 

I am pretty sure we will be going back to ThaiDara to try out more choices from the menu and I will definitely bring friends to have a taste of this yummy resto!  As a matter of fact, before I wrote this review, I have already invited my friends to go back and they said Yes!

What are you waiting for?  Drive to ThaiDara now!  You might be able to catch their young and good looking Thai Chef, ChefJames.  You can also follow him on Instagram, jimmychefjames and tag your photos during your trip to ThaiDara to his account so he will know that you were there.  He might give you some discounts or freebies the next time you drop by.  I already did and I hope to get a discount when I bring my friends over!

Here’s what I tagged ChefJames!



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