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Post V-Date!

Before we were husband and wife, as a young couple, we used to celebrate Valentine’s Day on the exact date.  Not minding the traffic and the lines in restaurants.  I remember one VDate we had, my then boyfriend and now hubby arrived at our house around 9pm already!  Yes! It was because of the heavy traffic Valentine’s caused!  He gave me a bouquet of Ferrero Chocolates styled like a bouquet of flowers.  This was way back 2008, so I think I was one of the firsts to receive a “flower” like that.  I will try to post a picture if I find one.

Since it was late already and still traffic, we got to Greenbelt around 1030.  Being late worked for us!  All the restos are already vacant!  We didn’t need to fall in line anymore. We managed to get a good deal at Capricciosa.  We had a quiet dinner and enjoyed the ambiance of the resto to ourselves and maybe a couple more lovebirds.

Now that we have been married for 5 years and now that we have 2 kids, we think we are too old for the cheesy Valentine’s Day date!  Good thing I am not into flowers.  I am sure my hubby won’t waste his money on an overpriced bouquet of flowers!  He never did!  And it’s also just too tiring to be stuck in traffic after a long day at work.  That’s just us, so if you think otherwise, go ahead and date on Valentine’s Day!

For me, Valentine’s is not about spending a huge amount of money on gifts and what nots.  It all boils down to how special you can make your loved one feel.  It may be a simple “I Love You” or a kiss on the lips; a love letter, a grand weekend getaway, or whatever you 2 enjoy doing together.

What matters most is that you are TOGETHER, right?  You can even make everyday Valentine’s Day.  It’s all about L-O-V-E!

I just want to share with you how my hubby made me feel special tonight. A spur of the moment trip to our fave spa, Nuat Thai at 500 Shaw, which we both badly need.  Try having 2 toddlers in the house, you will definitely know what I am talking about!!!


And a quick but sumptuous dinner at Bullchef in Kapitolyo, Pasig!  More on that on my next post!


And that’s our way of spending Valentine’s this year!  Thank you my hubby for the LOVE!


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