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Sunday Funday with Little Friends!

It was an impromptu plan but it was definitely FUN! 

My friends Ann and Haidz, together with their daughters and yayas, met us (me, hubby, Daphne & Denise, yaya) at McDo Quezon Avenue for breakfast! 

Our kids almost belong to the same age group!  They enjoyed the Play Area with their yayas while we parents enjoyed our chicka time!  It was a good Sundate.  We were able to spend quality time with the kids as well as good time with friends.  Compared and shared notes on how we deal with the kids.

Daphne even had an overtime, she went with Auntie Ann to their house so she could continue playing with Ann’s daughter Helena!  I will just fetch her later.


Picture taken with my ever smiling Denise and Daddy!  Oh and 1 pic is with Hailey!  She wasn’t in the mood.


They go to the same school and they both don’t talk that much.  But here, they played like they were good friends already!  I hope this continues as they grow up.  By the way, Helena’s mom and I have been friends since high school!


My kids!  Aren’t they lovely?  (Without tantrums, they are the most lovable kids in the whole wide world! Haha!)  I love that they are learning what sisterhood means.  Thanks to Frozen!  I hope they continue to be like this.  They are sisters forever and they should take care and love each other whatever happens!

I wasn’t able to take much pictures as I was yapping away.  We are planning to take the kids on an outing soon, so I promise I will take more pictures.

See you next time girls!


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