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A Blogpost for Mama

Today is October 12 and it’s Mama’s Birthday. Every year, we celebrate it with a simple lunch or dinner.  This year though, it would be different.  We will be celebrating it in a temple where Mama (and Papa) is now resting.

Last year, we celebrated Mama’s special day in Gloria Maris Podium.  It was a simple Chinese birthday dinner.  Mama was so happy that night.  Her favorite and one & only (I was 10 months pregnant then with my 2nd daughter!) granddaughter helped her blew her cake!

My daughter was her joy, she showered her with toys, books and clothes!  Most especially, she gave her unconditional love, just like what she gave to us, her 3 children. Too bad baby number 2 didn’t experience her Guama’s love.

Never did I ever imagine that that would be the last birthday she will spend with us.  If only had I known, I would have made it extra special.  But, that is all in the past now.

I have learned to move on because I know she is in a better place now.  Away from the cruelty of the world and the unfairness of life.  Away from hurt and pain as she was suffering from her sickness that we didn’t know of. 

That was Mama, very strong.  She didn’t tell us what she was suffering from.  She kept it to herself as she didn’t want us to worry.  I know I got that trait from her!

Now that it is her birthday, we are going to spend it with her even with Typhoon Santi around.  My hubby and I, together with my 2 siblings will bring her favorite food and drinks! Will pray for her to have eternal happiness.

I am sorry for the things I didn’t do when she was still here.  There are a lot of regrets, but I know she understands because that’s her, she is my mother. I thank her for everything she has done and for all the things she sacrificed for us.


Happy birthday to you, Mama!
I love you Ma, I wish you were still here.


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