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Disney Live! Mickey’s Magic Show! What a Disappointment!

When a cousin of mine tagged this LCM event on my FB Page, I got excited!  You see, I am a big fan of Mickey Mouse and now, my daughter loves him too! 

I promised my daughter I would bring her to see the show.  Not knowing that we would just be disappointed!  Oh well, maybe because it was a free show?  Or maybe my expectations were high thinking it was a Megaworld mall hosting the event.  These malls are known as high end malls so can’t blame me right?


The LCM FB page promoted this event. It said, “Get a chance to meet your favorite Disney characters and be a part of the magic in Mickey’s Magic Show on September 14, 4pm at the Lucky Chinatown Mall. Here are the mechanics.” The promo poster was the attachment.


The mechanics were simple. To be able to get in, there were 2 options. The first one was to present a Citibank co-branded with Megaworld credit card. The second was to download the Megaworld Lifestyle Malls App. We chose to do the 2nd option. Since we were bringing the 2 kids, me and my hubby both downloaded the app on our respective phones.

I love going and bringing my kids to events like these. It’s one form of bonding for us. So I knew better, perhaps I didn’t on this case, I called up the concierge around 1pm to ask if they have started admitting people for the Mickey event. The one who answered the phone said they haven’t yet. But there would be a limit of only a hundred people. So I told hubby that we should get going as we need to fall in line and register.

We got there around 230pm. There was a long line and there were already people inside. I was afraid we were too late already and we could not go in anymore. As luck would have it, we were able to get included when one of the organizers head counted. He even told us that to accommodate more people, we would have to let the kids sit on our laps. We were fine with that. We could get in, that’s the most important part.

But, when we got in, we were seated on the other side. Meaning, there was a clear barrier from those who came earlier. Those in front, the high side, were seated in gold tiffany chairs, while we, the ones after the divider ropes, were seated in monoblocs covered in black fabric. If only we had known what would happen, we would not have waited and wasted 2 hours and a half there.

So, we settled down and we even took a family picture. You can see that Daphne is really happy. Look at that smile!


So we waited and waited. Our kids getting bored but hey, maybe it’s going to be worth the wait!

The show started at 4pm. A host came on stage and started doing some games. I taught it was just a pre-show thing going on. She asked questions about Disney movies and the kids were game! It took around 30minutes, I think. Then she introduced a guy who is part of the cast. He made a few magic tricks which lasted about 10minutes or so. Again, I thought it was just a pre-show. After all, the main event was supposed to be Mickey & Friends, right? Wrong!

Mickey & Goofy came out. They did some waves and then there was an announcement that the Meet and Greet would start. That was it! The show ends there. Mickey & Goofy aren’t supposed to do anything than pose and have thieir pictures taken.

They started ushering the people seated on the gold tiffany chairs up the stage. It was fast and they were in a hurry, I thought then, maybe to accommodate us all inside the cordoned area! And also, when this was going on, nobody asked us to leave. We were cordoned inside so we thought we will have a chance to have our photos taken too!

We patiently waited for our turn, only to find out that we are not going up the stage since the only ones who can go are those on the front of the divide rope even of we were also inside.

Me and the other parents there, seated after the divider rope, even pleaded them to allow our kids, just our kids, to have their photos taken. Even as a group, as they were in a hurry now to finish the event. They just snobbed us.

What irked me the most was seeing some organizer give some meet & greet pass to some “friends” who were latecomers and who were reserved seats in front of us, seated just in front of the divider rope they were using.

We complained to one of the organizers standing in front of us. She said that that family was already pre-registered. The mommy beside me asked how to pre-register, she could not answer and she just walked away.

Now, here’s a question for the organizers, is there really a pre-registration? How come it wasn’t stated in your promo poster? You could have informed all the parents of ALL the mechanics and the terms & conditions, so we would not expect anything. If there was a pre-registration, how come some of the organizers didn’t know the procedure?

Also, if you weren’t planning to let us, seated on the monobloc chairs with black fabric, have our photos taken, you could have ushered us out while the ones seated on the gold tiffany chairs were having their photos taken. Because, as we waited there, thinking we will get our chance, the kids were oozing with anticipation.

If you could only see the look in our daughter’s eyes as she pulls my hand which silently means she wants to go up the stage and have her picture taken with Mickey & Goofy, you will be ashamed.

If you could see the look in her eyes when she saw that Mickey & Goofy left the stage already while we were still standing there behind that darn divider rope, it’s very heartbreaking for me and my husband.

But we can’t do anything anymore, not when some of the organizers and the guards were already forming the chairs as barricades so we couldn’t go through the aisle going to the stage.

What the heck? We aren’t that desperate, you know! It’s not the end of the world, but it’s the end of my support for any Megaworld Mall event happening from now on.

It is a total waste of time and effort on our part. Maybe it was just a teaser for the actual show, but they could have done better than that!


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