Voucher Review – Metrodeal – Mom & Me Event

When: May 25, 2013

Where: Rockwell Tent

What: Mom & Me Event (All Inclusive 1 Day Pass)

Price: Php 350.00 Valued at Php 499.00 / savings Php 149.00

Groupon Site: Metrodeal / Deal Here

I wasn’t here on Mother’s Day because I was out of the country with my colleagues.  I thought it would be nice to go to an event where my daughter and I could bond.  My hubby bought us the tickets to the event.  We chose to go on a Saturday.

I liked the programme for Day 1 compared to Day 2.

mom & me day 1

mom & me day 2

Well, anyway, Daphne was really excited to spend the day with me.  When we get to Rockwell, we proceeded to the Tent and left Denise and Daddy with my in-laws inside the mall.

This is Daphne before the Entrance Arch.  Look how happy she is.

photo 1

 When we got inside, the first thing she saw was the Gymboree Play Area, so we proceeded there.  She played happily until her time was up.

photo 2

We had our picture taken at the Portrait Booth, I though we would be given a copy, but I was told that we could see it on the website.  Until now, I haven’t seen our picture.  I already forgot what website we should check.   Anyway, I loved the set up on the other side of the booth, so I went back and took some photos of Daphne.  Although she wouldn’t cooperate, I still took them.

photo 4

We went around and check out the booths, I really wasn’t into shopping that day.  The main reason I went was to have some bonding activity with Daphne.  So when she saw the Face Painting booth, she immediately told me she want one.  I never let them paint Daphne’s face, I usually have her hands or arms painted.  I don’t know if they even clean the brushes they use diba?  I wouldn’t want to take the chance.  The line is kinda long already, so we just waited and fall in line.

Then I saw the Rebisco booth and they have a new product.  It’s called the Bibibons.  To know more about this product, click here.  They are having a free taste so I got one and gave it to Daphne who is still falling in line patiently.  It tasted good, these are actually cereal crackers pala.  You can eat it as is or you can mix it with some hot water and it will melt easily and turns into a cereal.  Daphne liked it so I bought a pack for her.  Denise can also eat it too when she gets the go-signal from her pedia.

photo 2

It’s finally time for Daphne to get her hand painted.  I just told the Ate Painter to paint Mickey Mouse on her hand.  It turned out to be a Black Mickey!  It’s really funny!  Well, as long as she’s happy with it, then any kind of Mickey is fine with me!

photo 3

About this time, the main activity area was already starting with the programme.  I pushed Daphne to join the Taekwando Activity but she just stood there and watched the other kids.  When Regine Tolentino and her pretty kid dancers danced, Daphne didn’t want to participate also.  She just stood there and watched them.  Then she told me, “Mommy, let’s go find Daddy and Shobe na, and Ahma and Koko too! Shobe is hungry na!”  Shobe is her younger sister.  Ahma is my mother in law and Koko is my sister in law.  When she said that my baby number 2 is hungry already, I knew that she wanted out of the event already!  She’s already tired and she’s contented with the activities she’s done already.

Overall, I would rate the event as 6 out of 10.  I thought it was a big event since they are charging a person Php 499.00 for the entrance.  But it wasn’t that big of an event, even the booths aren’t as many as the previous events I attended.  For the Php 350.00 we paid, it was just okay.  I just hope that the organizers of such events will make what we pay worth it.  Value for money!

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