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BWL Salon

As my hair has its own life even if blow dried, I have been longing to have it straightened for a few months now.  I don’t have curly or kinky hair, it’s a little bit wavy and tends to get dry sometimes.  So when I heard that my cousin had her hair done, beautifully, at a promo price, I didn’t hesitate anymore!

I don’t usually spend so much on my hair.  I get Php50.00 haircuts at a salon in Kalentong, near the palengke (market).  I am not maarte in that part.  But even with the Php 50.00 budget, I still get lots of compliments for my hair cut!  Isn’t that the best deal?

I wanted a wash and wear hair, that’s the reason I had my hair cut short.  I am a breastfeeding mother and I don’t have all the time in the world.  In the morning, I pump before I leave for office.  I usually choose sleeping late than getting up early just to fix my hair.  But with my hair always flying away, I don’t have a choice but to make time for it.  Lately, since I still don’t have time, I bring my blower in the office and blow my hair there.  Still, it flies away.

So, hearing about BWL Salon is like a gift for my birthday.  My birthday is June 11.  I was scheduled for June 12, it’s Independence Day so there’s no work.  Fortunately, hubby didn’t have a schedule that day also.   I was free to go!

I got there around 11am.  Just in time for my appointment.  They asked me what I want to be done to my hair.  I was there for the IVL, it’s Ionic Volume Treatment, they told me it’s milder than Hair Rebond.  It doesn’t make your hair look like walis! They offered Hair Color at a promo price also.  Since it’s my birthday gift for myself, I decided to splurge a little.

It took 4.5 hours all in all to get everything done!  I brought a book (a gift for my birthday) because I know it’s gonna be a long process!  But I only read a few chapters because they played “I-Vice Ganda mo ako sa Araneta!”  It’s so funny but I can’t hear some line because they were blow drying my hair!  I am so happy with the results!  Even the color, I really like.

Here are some photos of the salon!  I love the interior! It’s all white but they used colorful stickers!  I love how they used the leafy stickers and little flowery 2d stickers to add to that cozy feel!  I also love their chandelier!

photo 3

Oh!  Maybe you’re asking for the result of my IVL.  See the before and after!  You’ll be amazed!  The Before Photo was taken while Roma, my stylist, was already clipping and dividing my hair into sections.  Roma also gave me a free Bangs Haircut!

photo 1

Because of the IVL, my Php50.00 hair cut looked more elegant 

I also want to take note of Jeffrey (I hope I got it right!) I think he’s the Manager there.  He’s very attentive to clients, he’s charming and he’s very hands-on!  All I want in a salon!  I give this salon 10 out of 10!  Good service! Nice people!  I’ll be back, if not sooner, later!

BWL Salon Facebook Page here

Contact Numbers: 6643020 / 0998-4671215


3 thoughts on “BWL Salon

  1. Hi! 🙂 we have read your review before purchasing a deal in LivingSocial. Thanks!

    May I also share our experience in the salon. I accompanied my sister last weekend for her hair rebonding in BWL salon as well. We got a deal purchased from LivingSocial so we paid less compared to their actual rebonding package. Out of curiosity, I tried to compute their actual package to see if it is really valued at Php 8,000. It turned out it was just around 6K, with treatment and haircut from their senior stylist. The promo under the deal that the salon insisted is only rebonding, without the treatment and just hair trimming, not haircut (I supposed in their own jargon, trim is different from haircut). I just found the promotion details misleading to the consumers.

    Anyway, the place was cozy and clean, including their restroom. However, the staff, that attended to my sister is not that friendly, according to her. Maybe because their manager is not there, hehe. Also the service menu posted on their wall is, according to them, not updated.

    My sister’s hair looks nice, though. But we rated the place not only for the service, but the overall experience —- 5 out of 10


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