Parent’s Orientation

June 13, 2013
Tomorrow’s the Parent’s Orientation Day at my daughter’s school! Imagine, I have a pre-schooler already! She’s almost 3 and I had her assessed because they have a rule that all incoming nursery kids should be 3 by June! My daughter is just turning 3 this July! Fortunately, she got in!

Update: June 14, 2013
Just got home from the orientation! As a first time parent to a schoolgirl, I need to know a lot of things! And I did this morning, thankful that the school has one!

Buti na Lang din I brought my “school” notebook, to jot down everything they are discussing. Oh, by the way, you might ask, what’s this “school” notebook? You see, I have different notebooks for every need. There’s a “cheesecake” notebook, for my cheesecake sales; a “savings” notebook for my, well, savings; an “event” notebook for each event I’m planning; you get it?

Anyway, to continue, I was kinda late, good thing, my best friend is already there to save us a seat. But since parking is hard, my hubby wasn’t able to attend the orientation anymore. Just as I was about to take my seat, the National Anthem was played, after which the School Hymn played next. Then an invocation, an opening prayer is a must for catholic schools like this.

These are the more important things they discussed:

1)  Location of the Nursery and Kindergarten Classrooms

2)  Fetcher’s ID

A Fetcher’s ID is important.  Without this, you can’t fetch and get your child.  Whether you’re the parent or the yaya, you must have this!  I am very thankful that they are strict with this, because the welfare of the children should be the most important thing.  The children’s security relies on these Fetcher’s IDs.

3) Attendance

In every school or even offices, almost all organizations value punctuality and promptness.  So, I wasn’t shocked to know that this is one of the things they are strict about also.  Excuse letter should be submitted at the very least, 3 days after the date of absence.  There must also be a reasonable cause.

4) Health

All children who absent themselves must get a clearance first with the clinic before going back to class.  The Nurse should check if the child is already fit to go to school and has no communicable diseases which can harm everyone in the class or even the whole school.

5)  Celebrations of Birthdays

Thankful that they discussed about celebrating birthdays at school.  My daughter’s birthday is coming up and I would like to know if it’s possible to have a small celebration inside the classroom so that my daughter will have a feel what it’s like to celebrate in school.  One has to ask permission first from the Head Teacher’s Office, once approved, you can bring in cakes and food.  But a student is only given 30 minutes (during recess time)  to sing happy birthday and eat the food!  What I forgot to ask was if it’s okay to serve “Lutong-Bahay” or we need to buy from the known fast foods or restaurants.  I’ll need to ask that sooner or later!

6)   Assignment Notebook

I never knew how an Assignment Notebook can be so important.  They told the parents that we should check the AN every day because this is where they paste announcements, assignments, school letters and reminders, even the course outline.  There is also a reply slip that we should submit the next day accomplished in blue or black ink only, so they would know that we have read their letters.

7)  Subjects at School

In English – they have Pre-Reading, Language Arts and Math as their Major Subjects.  Minor Subjects compose of Music, Art, Drama and Play Activity.

In Chinese – they said that they used the Thematic Approach.  I googled what a Thematic Approach is and this is what I had for an answer.  Read on for the answer from Show Me Wow.

This is a way of teaching and learning, whereby many areas of the curriculum are connected together and integrated within a theme.

It allows learning to be more natural and less fragmented than the way, where a school day is time divided into different subject areas and whereby children practice exercises frequently related to nothing other than what the teacher thinks up, as he or she writes them on the chalk board.

It allows literacy to grow progressively, with vocabulary linked and with spelling and sentence writing being frequently, yet smoothly, reinforced.

It guides connected ideas to follow on easily.

It is, after all, how we, as adults, learn new things. Don’t we start at a point of interest and branch out from it like ripples from a stone thrown in the water?

 Click here for more information about Thematic Approach!

I like this Thematic Approach.  It’s like a child who questions you with a lot of whys after every answer.

8)  Assessments

         I like that their Nursery classes don’t have exams yet.  It might pressure the kids.  They only do assessments twice a year.  And by the way, they don’t do quizzes on Mondays!  At least, the kids can rest on Sundays!

I was glad that I attended this Orientation.  It really did open my eyes as a first timer school parent!

I just hope that our daughter will participate and cooperate inside the classroom.  Even if she’s not 3 yet, I am proud to say that she’s more advanced compared to other kids, it’s just that she’s a bit shy and less sociable.  I hope she’ll improve her social skills once she starts school!  And of course, I would be more proud if she’ll excel in her class too!

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