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My Breastfeeding Essentials! Part 2

For the 1st part of the breastfeeding essentials, I showed and discussed the importance of the top 5 breastfeeding essentials on my list!

Now, I’d like to add and show more of my breastfeeding essentials!

First on the list are the nursing blouses I bought from Tiny Tots, check them out on Facebook.  These blouses are very affordable and so comfortable to wear.  The blouses provide easy access for nursing whenever and wherever.

I didn’t know that you can choose your own colors and mix & match it, that’s why the colors here are the plain ones. If only had I known early, I would have requested for bright colors!  I’ll do that on my next order! Right VicVic?

nursing blouse1

To use, you pull up the first layer of the blouse, the second layer will provide you the coverage your belly needs.  At the same time, the second layer has 2 breast holes that are just the right size for the baby to nurse.

nursing blouse3

Here’s me and Denise nursing at the Expokid Event at the 500 Shaw.  No need for cover ups!

This next blouse is all cottony and soft.  Its front layers are overlapping to provide the coverage we bf moms need.

nursing blouse

Just like the first blouse, you pull up the layers to expose your breast and nurse the baby.

nursing blouse2

I use this blouse more often than the others.  Its very soft, so comfortable.  Don’t have a picture nursing with this blouse.  This is me and Denise after nursing.

nursing blouse4

This next blouse is double layered also, but it’s only up to the half.  It has garter in the middle of the blouse to provide support.  What you do is pull up the first layer.  Of the 3 nursing blouses from Tiny Tots, this is where I have a hard time.  Because of the garter, its hard to pull the layer up.

Aside from these nursing blouses, I also bought a nursing camisole from Tiny Tots.  It has 2 holes in the breast area and you wear it underneath a regular shirt or blouse.  That way, your belly and back will be covered when you pull up your shirt to nurse.  Its fabric is very thin so its perfect to be worn inside regular clothes.

nursing cami

These nursing blouses are worn during normal days, when you don’t have to dress up.  But when it’s time to dress up and you’ll have to bring the baby with you, a nursing dress is the answer to your fashion problem.

I bought this nursing dress from Latch-A-Babe Nursing and Maternity Wear, you could also check their Facebook Page.

The nursing dress is called the Yuri Dress, it’s a Kimono-inspired cocktail dress.  I chose the Cobalt Blue Design.  You pull down the top layer of the dress and the next layer has a breasthole on the side.  You just take your nipples out there and nurse your baby.  The outer layer will cover your breast and minimize your breast exposure.

nursing dress

Here’s me and Denise nursing with my Yuri Dress before we went out to go to a dinner!

Another breastfeeding essential is a nursing cover, I bought this a long time ago, but wasn’t able to maximize the use of it much because I prefer using the Shawl.  Its worn like an apron and the baby nurses underneath.  It’s literally a cover for the times that baby is fussy and you want to avoid an accident exposure.

nursing cover


A picture I just took now.

So there! I hope I was able to impart some important tips to breastfeeding mothers out there, especially to new moms!

Till next time!


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