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To say that I LOVE BAGS is an understatement!

Lately, I have been addicted to shopping for bags! I love browsing on bag brands’ websites to check on new designs, in fact I subscribe to their newsletter so I’ll be notified in case there are new arrivals or even SALES!  I check out sales because even if I love to buy everything that catches my fancy, I can’t!  I’m still on a budget! Hence, the Tory Burch Ella Tote Groupon Deal Fiasco!
Since I’m always on a budget, it was just last year that I bought myself my first COACH bag. It is just what I wanted.  Perfect for a trip to the mall, but also okay for a night out with friends.  
Here’s a picture I took just now.
coach bag
It was my favorite bag until I bought a new one.
My newest baby is my KATE SPADE Cobble Hill Little Minka.  I saw it online and I can’t forget about it.  I browsed and browsed for other designs, but I keep on coming back to this.  And I saved this picture until now.
Just like the Coach Bag, it’s also perfect for a trip to the mall, for dates with my husband, for night outs with friends, and most importantly, for going out with my beautiful kiddos.  The size is just right to fit my breastfeeding paraphernalia – my bf cover, my extreme sling, and a small towel.  With those are my wallet, a pack of wet tissue, another handy tissue pack, my hairbrush, and some more baby things like mittens, hats and burping cloths.  Since going out with a 2.5 toddler and a 4 month old baby might be a feat, the crossover design of the bag makes it so easy for me.  
The long strap is adjustable, so I can carry the bag in a lot of ways – as a body bag, as a shoulder bag, or an arm bag.  Plus, the color is orange vibrant, just in time for summer!
 Isn’t it wonderful? 


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