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Voucher Review – Groupon – Tory Burch Ella Tote Bag (The Bag that never Came)

When:  February 1, 2013

Where: Online Shop

What:  Tory Burch Ella Tote Bag

Price:  Php 5995.00 valued at Php 10,650.00 / savings Php 4,655.00

Groupon Site: Groupon Philippines / Deal Here


This is the story of the bag that never came!

Delivery was supposed to start February 15, and would end 10 working days after that.  Scheduled delivery ended, still NO BAG!

During those times, I had to attend to something more important.  I totally forgot about the bag until about a month later.  I was out of the country when I remembered so I asked my husband if the bag was delivered while I was away.  He answered no.  When I returned to the Philippines, I immediately called up the Groupon hotline to follow up the delivery of the bag.

I was able to talk to TJ and he wasn’t sure where my bag is, because according to their records, it has been dispatched to the courier already.  I made a request to trace the whereabouts of the bag.   After all, I have a right to demand about the bag since I already paid it in full the moment I made the purchase more than a month ago!

TJ was very accommodating, though he really should be to a complaining client like me, he promised to give me a call or an email when he gets an answer from their courier.  A few days passed, no advise from him yet, so I resorted to email this time.  Another CST, Denise, replied to my inquiry.  She told me she will check.  After this, I followed up (again) with TJ, and it turned out that the bag was out of stock already.  I got angry because if I didn’t made a complain, they wouldn’t Inform me that the bag I already PAID for almost 2 months already won’t be delivered! If I totally forgot about my purchase, then my money will be theirs for the taking!

TJ knew that I was really in a bad mood!  He immediately offered me a refund, and that he will expedite its return to my mode of payment, which is credit card.  According to him, it usually takes 30 or more days for a refund to take effect, but in my case, I will only have to wait for a few days.

True to his words, it was refunded immediately to my credit card.  When I called up my credit card company a few days after, it was already effected.  I was able to heave a sigh of relief when I got a confirmation from my credit card company that I do have a refund coming in from Groupon.

Then that was when I got an email from Denise that my bag was out of stock already, so I just replied to her that it was already refunded.

At least, it was good to know that Groupon has a good after sales service.  Though, I also needed to push them to make them move, I still got my money back.

And come to think of it, I really don’t feel the bag anymore.  Get what I mean?  *wink*wink*

Ps. I was more excited about the other Bag I bought, the Kate Spade Cobble Hill Little Minka.  See my next post! 🙂


One thought on “Voucher Review – Groupon – Tory Burch Ella Tote Bag (The Bag that never Came)

  1. hi! saan ka po tumawag? been trying to call at their telephone number (478-7078) several times a day, pero no answer. thanks!


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