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The adventure and misadventures of our breast feeding journey! Part 1

When I had baby number 1, I was at a lost! I just heard that breast feeding is good for my baby but I didn’t know a thing! As I went through the experience of being a new mom, I learned a lot about the advantages of breast feeding and vowed that I will be an advocate.
Well, I surely did become one and to this day, I still am!
Now that I have baby number 2, I am more ready and I feel like I am armed in this journey.  Armed with both knowledge & experience, I will take breast feeding to a whole new level! 🙂
My baby is turning 4 months tomorrow and I am proud to say that she only drinks my milk! I am a working mom so she’s mixed bottle and breast fed. Thankfully, she doesn’t get confused.
At 4 months, she’s already out and about as our family loves going out!  We can’t just left her at home right? So in this post, I will start to write about our breast feeding adventures and misadventures.
We went to the Shang yesterday and we had lunch at Le Coeur de France.  I tried to nurse Denise there while we were seated but she refused. When we were strolling around, that’s when she started feeling hungry, I tried finding a seat but I didn’t find any.  So I asked of there was a breast feeding room. Luckily, there was one and it was just located at the next floor. It is located just above the Payless Shoe Source where I was checking out shoes.
The Room is both for nursing and changing diapers. The room is very very clean. When you get in, you’ll see 2 sinks.  
20130331 (8)
In front of that are 2 diaper changing beds. They also provide paper hand towels which are thick enough.
20130331 (9)
There are about 4 nicely upholstered seats with armrests.  They provide fluffy pillows too to support a mom’s back.
20130331 (1)
What caught my eye was the big fridge inside, it’s good if you are not with your baby and you’re overflowing already.  You can just pump and leave it there while you continue shopping! The room is also equipped with a Thermos if you need some hot water.
20130331 (2)
I felt really comfortable while nursing baby Denise and you can really feel the nice & quiet ambiance when you’re inside. Denise even took a nap while nursing.
20130331 (4)
The Shang’s Breast Feeding Room is highly recommended.  Kudos to the Shang management for taking an extra step in making mommies and babies comfortable.
My suggestions for them though, at least put a divider between the nursing area and the diaper changing area so that daddies can go inside and still maintain the nursing area’s privacy.  When they do put a divider, at least daddies can help out when changing baby’s diaper especially if baby made a disaster poopoo like what Denise did a few hours after.
Thankfully, the lady janitor helped out in looking after Denise while I went out and get some things from daddy who was just outside.  She even assisted me while I was cleaning the baby. 
20130331 (6)
All in all, this room gets 5 out of 5 stars! So mommies, what are you waiting for? Go to Shang now! 🙂
Here’s me and Denise after a fulfilling nursing session!
20130331 (10)
PS. Updated with pictures.

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