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I am awed with! I just spent 4 hours or so browsing its extensive line of products. What I like about it, you can use your credit card issued locally here in the Philippines. Your billing address can be different from your shipping address, which made it easier for me. I have a friend in the US and that’s where I will be shipping the items I bought since shipping is usually free inside the US!

I was actually looking for breastmilk storage bags in EBay, I was hesitant to buy because the prices aren’t that low compared from sellers in the Philippines! So I thought of looking in other online websites such as Babies R Us, Target and Amazon.

In Amazon, I found the lowest priced Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags! It was a 25pcs per box in a 3pack packaging! I bought 2 sets! I will just buy more if not enough!


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