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Voucher Review – Metrodeal – Mary Pauline Salon

When:  February 1, 2013

Where:  Mary Pauline Salon in Kalentong, Mandaluyong City

What:  Full Hair Color with Treatment, Trim, Wash and Blowdry

Price:  Php 549.00 valued at Php 3,500.00 / savings Php 2,951.00

Groupon Site: Metrodeal / Deal Here

mary pauline salon

I had 3 hours worth of salon pampering! I love my new hair, my new hair color – my new look!  This deal is so worth it!

I chose this salon because it’s just a 5 to 10 minute drive from our house.  Being a mom to a 1 and a half month old baby, I couldn’t go somewhere far.  I took the risk of not knowing if the hairstylist was good enough.  All I wanted was to have my hair cut in a new style and have it colored.

I knew that the salon’s newly opened.  We always pass by it when we’re on our way home from Greenhills.  When I called yesterday to make my appointment, the one who answered my call made it easy.  I called up earlier today to change my schedule into a later hour, afraid that I might be scratched off my appointment.  Again, the one who answered didn’t make it hard for me.

I was really excited when I left the house.  I have with my Itouch a picture of the hairstyle I want.  I have in my mind the hair color I want.  When I got to the salon, I was greeted with smiles. The owner was on her way out, but she also gave a sweet smile.  

 I gave my voucher and showed my ID.  After that, I was asked by the senior stylist what color I prefer.  He suggested to mix 2 shades, and I loved how it turned out.  Not so loud blonde, but not so dull brown.  It’s just the right mix.

After choosing my hair color, I showed him the hairstyle I want.  He agreed and he asked one of the staff to shampoo my hair.  He cut my hair slowly and tediously, I’d think.  He made sure that the ends of my hair are cut evenly.  I liked his style actually.  We proceeded with hair color.  Applied the dye in 2 steps.  First, only the “body” of my hair was covered.  Second, he applied all over the hair till the “roots.”  Waited for around an hour for this to finish.  After this, my hair was rinsed, shampooed and applied treatment.  Came with head massage also.  Chit chatted for awhile with the one massaging my hair.  I got back to my seat and my hair was blow dried.  He made the final trimmings and voila! I love my new look!

my new look

I would definitely recommend this salon.  Not only do they have a  nice and clean salon, they also have friendly staff who provides good service.  It’s worth all the moolah you’ll spend. Stars for them? 5 of 5

PS. Had to pay additional Php 100.o0 for the hair cut, because what’s included in the deal was only a trim.  This was agreed upon before we started.  Php 549.00 + Php 100.00 = Php 649.00, the amount is still a steal. 




61 thoughts on “Voucher Review – Metrodeal – Mary Pauline Salon

  1. Are you sure you’re telling the truth or you’re just paid to do this blog/review. I purchased the same deal in Metro Deal FEB. this year. I keep on calling the #s they provided, it’s for Mary Pauline salon branch in metro walk, until now I still can’t get hold of anyone to schedule an appointment. I haven’t decided to personally go there, thinking I might just waste my time. When I call the no. It will just ring and obviously, someone is there hearing it bec. After a few rings I will hear a busy tone so it’s like somebody cancelled the call or something. So, basing on my experience over the phone, I’m not expecting any
    Thing more. Sa phone pa nga Lang their customer service sucks already, pano pa kaya sa actual or sa actual haircut! I can imagine since Mira LNG ang binyayaran mo, mura LNG din yung quality ng service. Now I already understand why there’s a lot of people complaining about mp salon. Bye nlng sa 500 sa inyo nlng Baka mas kelangan nyo yun pambday ad ng Mga gagawa ng magma dang review!!!!


    1. Thank you very much for your time. First Of all, I wasn’t paid to write this review. This is a non profit blog. You don’t see any advertisements, do you? As far as I know, Mary Pauline is a franchise. So customer service can really vary from one branch to another. Fortunately for me, I chose the right branch, unlike you! Sorry na Lang sayo you chose the wrong branch. Next time, do research first before buying, so you don’t rant like this on my blog!


  2. Actually the deal is still on-going or i assume yours is different from this Mary Pauline Salon because i’m planning to buy 1 one for me, but i have to do some research first. Maybe I’ll just choose Mandaluyong branch?


    1. Yes, the Kalentong Mandaluyong Branch has good service. The staff are very friendly, you can try it out there!
      The branch is new too! I think they are still on their soft opening.

      Nothing much to lose. And even if you buy vouchers from a different salon, we won’t know if they are really good if we wouldn’t try! Good luck! 🙂


  3. Wow. Can i share this on our fan page? I hope you dont mind.
    But ofcourse, im asking for your permission pa din po.
    Nakakataba po ng puso.
    Maraming salamt sa nice comments.
    But dont get us wrong, feedback are also welcome 🙂
    – Mary pauline mandaluyong –
    Tel. 5657784


  4. Me and my sister went to MARY PAULINE MAKATI BRANCH to get my hair rebond and for my sister digiperm. The stylist told us that it will be an inhouse medicine that they will be using so they need to test our hair strands first if our hair can take their inhouse medicine treatment. Both of our hair are freezing and it falls off!.

    My hair doesnt really need to rebond but what irritates me is my fly away hair. The stylist told me that I dont need to rebond my hair but instead he recommend the brazillian blow out. I know that Brazillian blowout is really good. I asked him how much will it be, he said “Additional Php 2000 on toip of my voucher”. Good thing I didnt accept his offer because after couple of hours when I went outside of their salon I saw their post that Brazillian Blowout is just actually Php 2000!. My voucher is worth Php 1000, so it means if I accept the stylist offer its like I wasted my Php 1000 for the voucher!. What a liar!.

    For my sister digiperm he said that their “in house treatment” is not good for her hair so he recommends loreal but that will be additional Php 1500. Same thing after couple of hours while the stylist is fixing my sister’s hair I saw their post outside their salon that the digiperm is just actually Php 1500. The stylist said that we cannot use the voucher to other branches. I have nothing to do with my voucher and I know no my friends cant buy it because its too far. The stylist said taht we can combine our voucher, so that is Php 2000. But again the digiperm that they post outside of their salon is just actually Php 1500.

    Now its ok if the stylist deceived us, but the thing is at the end my sister’s digiperm looks VERY BAD!. its like dreadlocks!.. Even my other sister asked if that is really Loreal!. It really looks bad. First of all the gay stylist deceived us then second the outcome of my sister’s hair sucks!.

    I STRONGLY RECOMMEND not to purchase MARY PAULINE in MAKATI BRANCH!. Take my word!. I’m still checking on how to complain with them.


  5. I used this deal yesterday and also had a great experience. I actually just came about this blog because I was looking for their contact details to send to a friend. Cut & color amazing! I love it! I will be a regular now.


  6. I also don’t recommend MARY PAULINE METROWALK BRANCH! Hinde rin maganda ang service dun bukod sa nasa loft lang sila at nakikishare ng lugar, sobra pang mang okray yung baklang staff dun. Kala nya ata asa comedy bar sya. Natural na kaya ka nga magpapatreat ng buhok dahil problemado ka sa hair mo pero pag ka kita pa lng nya sa hair namin, pintas pintasan ba naman. He could have said it in a nice way if concerned sya or make suggestions like any professional or courteous staff does db? Buti kung maayos din sya magtrabaho e bara-bara din. Walang pakialam kung nasasaktan sa ginagawa nya yung client nya. Taas pa naman ng tingin ko sa salon na to pero may staff na walang modo. Sana sa mga nagpafranchise ng branch, make it a point to hire ng magagalang ng staff lalo na pag ganitong kilalang salon. Sayang ang investment kung hinde na babalik ang customers nyo.


    1. Hi rowena! I totally agree with you about hiring courteous staff. Kasi nga they are the ones who face and interact with clients. They should be taught how to handle clients with care. In the first place, customer service ang binebenta nila. Dahil kung salon at salon lang, maraming choices.

      Thanks for dropping a comment! I hope you find a salon that treats you well!


  7. I had a bad afternoon, i thought the name MP salon have a good name but realized it sucks, i got in ensogo for brazilian blow dry becoz i don’t want to get into hair re bonding,even my colleague i encourage them to get also that deal, when we already have it,we called all the numbers but all keeps on ringing only,it take how many hours before one of the number we already oontacted,it that case, my officemate surprised for what they told us,we can’t book anymore since, it’s already book until december so my officemate told us that,why it’s already fully book since it’s only newly deal in ensogo, MP on the on the other line explained that they have previous deal that was not yet finish and they can accomodate start on Dec. 15, so my officemate ask me if i’m going to book becoz it’s only 1 slot on that day or if we want to use it that november they can give us that deal in taguig but we are hesitate since both of us is not near in taguig so we agree that will be okay since how many weeks we can use that. In short,we called again,next who called is my another officemate, this time still same person which is the name is mary pauline,which is the voice very strict,so meaning shes the owner, in this conversation explanation still the same but in one of the aspect is not the same is the slot she just inform this time 2 slots still available,so if we want they can accomodate,since dec 15 is sunday my officemate ask me again if i want to since they just leaving in calamba and carmona and me leave only in las pinas, so she tell me you can schedule your brazilian on that day,so i said okay i will call that number,when i called the number still the same person this time she irritated,so i do understand becoz still the same number but i told her that would be my other colleague, i said called now it’s just i need to book or schedule on decmber 15 at 3pm but we can accommodate until 3 persons,so i inform to my officemate this time both of us got irritated already, because of that inconsistent information,but still i go for booking,this time i callled again she inform that you must hurry becoz we had a lot of custmers whos making a schedule also,i said okay i will take that schedule, and Mp inform me,i dont need ypur call i need your text for the infrormation and to get through with schedule you must give your voucher # and your name and what would be that deal, so i made it already. To make sure i send text for 4 times and i called her,this time nobody is answering my call, maybe 4to 5 times i called she answered my call that she just inform she never recieve my text to i said okay i will text again,after 10 mins i called again nobody is answering the phone. I said to myself maybe they are so busy. When i got home that evening i received text she said i got your text. So okay now. In my surprised today, i go in that branch in alabang, i said i have 3pm schedule for brazilian blowdry and she ask my name, i dont know if shes the receptionist or what she said ma’am your name is not schedule, so i said hah!! Bakit???. So one of the gay coming she said in a friendly face and smile hi maam what we can do? I said i have a schedule for today, he said can i have your confirmation i inform with them that my celpon that someone texted is sira so i don’t have theconfirmation but how come it was confirmed cguro namn di namn ako pupunta dahil alam ko ung deal binasa ko namn even shows na 3days eh more 3weeks na ako nagpa book and i said meaning to say you cant accomodate with it,bakla, maam how could you schedule and what number ba ung gamit mo,i show with them my voucher and number we called in pink pad, bakla ask,kanino ba yung number na yan?? So meaning they never know their number i told them the one who get my schedule is mp,and he said you better called her!!!?? Hahh!! Ako pa ang tatawag so i irritated already,andito na ako tapos sabihin nyo tatawagan ko pa,kesyo dw nag hihintay pa dw sila galing don kung sino ung naka book un dw ung hinihintay nila,sabi ko bakit ngayon pa lng i ilang weeks ko un hinintay tapos sbihin nyo wala kau na resib then that woman in the reception area inform me ma’am kac fully book na kmi until january 7,hah!! Which i found in that hour ilang katao pa lng,i forgot all the details dahil hysterical na ako sa mukhan ng bakla na mukhang ayaw talaga ako i accomodate,sabi nya cge tawagn ko,my name syang tinawagan unlimited ka ngayon pedeng pagamit tatawagan ko lang, after ilang minuto bumalik sabi nya wait lng dw kac i check pa nila so kng anong oras sila mag confirm don pa lng ako aalis,so meaning wala pa rin patutunguhan either way, so i decided to walk out and ask them i refund ko na lng,sagot ni receptionist maam hindi sa amin sa ensogo will,i take such incident a lessons learned not to get a deal in mary pauline, i have a lot of deals nabili sa ensogo and i got one last year for digi perm so very accomodating which is the edwin lisa in pasay same din more 1 mo ako nagpa book cla pa ung tatawag for reminding me for my schedule.Sucks!!, whether i can’t refund kanila,talaga namn ung naramdamn ko na ung makausap ko pa lng hndi na accomodating,sana hindi ko na itinuloy pa!! Sayang ang 1500 ko,


    1. Oh this is really getting out of hand. It is just me yata ang nakakuha ng good service ah!

      Is booking and reservation done with only one number na lang? Kasi ako I booked directly with the branch so wala naman naging problem.

      Babagsak sila if mismong the owner MP is that way! Maybe she thinks her salon is already UP there, and bubbles got into her brain already! Kawawa naman mga ok na branches and mga owners nito…


  8. I also had a bad experience with Mary Pauline Salon, Comembo Makati Branch. I purchased Brazilian Keratin Blow Dry for 1299 instead of 7500 in metrodeal. Inclusive of haircut & treatment w/ relaxing complimentary back massage yung voucher. My friend and I went there w/ the fine print ng 2 voucher sa isang bondpaper. Pag pasok namin sa salon ayaw tanggapin yung voucher namin kasi dapat daw printed separately yung voucher so nagrent pa kami ng pc at nagpaprint ule. They shampooed our hair, applied the medicine left it for about 30mins, blowdried our hair without rinsing the medicine tas pinlatsa na. Tas aun na un, tinanong ng isang staff kung may haircut daw ba yung voucher namin sabi nung isa wala daw un kasama. So, umapila ako at sabi ko kasama sa voucher yung haircut at treatment may back massage pa nga e. Sabi nila blowdry lang daw un sabi ni mam Pau (si Mary Pauline). So mejo uminit yung ulo ko at sabi ko edi dapat di nilalagay sa voucher yung service na di naman nila gagawin. Niloloko lang nila yung mga tao! Imagine, would you pay for a regular price of 7500 for that? E kahit ako kaya ko ilagay yung medicine na nilagay nila at mag blowdry at plantsa ng buhok. I will definitely never go back at Mary Pauline Salon. And will never recommend it to my friends! Mahirap na nga magpa schedule, tas kulang kulang yung service sa pinurchase mo. :/


    1. Hi! I am sorry to hear about your bad experience. As it is, really depends on the branch and the owner, and especially the staff. Franchised kasi ang Mary Pauline, they(the main owners) should really address this problem because it’s their name that are put in bad light!

      Thank you for dropping by.


  9. Grabe tong mp nto ngpasked ako way back dec pa s strmall albang, not yet open pa nga ung branch nila dun that time. Full booked daw ang dec, ang january full booked din ang wikends eh i need it weekends so hnd q inaaccept yung january n weekdays na lng. I was scheduled feb¹15 saturday. Tpos pag dting s branch sasabihinthey dont accept vouchers on weekends! Eh bakt pumayag yang pauline n yan sa date na gusto ko, my goodness nd alam ng salon n a yan n nakakaabala sila ng clients, napaka unprofessional, literraly na high blood ako tumamatwag ako that day sa pauline n yan to c
    omplain ring lng ng ring, tama ba yan ngtatago sa customers naloloko nila


  10. I had the same bad experience sa metrodeal voucherr for mary pauline.di ko tuloy alam sino ang may problema kung yung mary pauline or yung metrodeal.but yung pauline obias na yun sobrang sungit,agrabyado na nga ako ang sungit pa.hirap nilang ma-contact tapos ssabihin sayo wala ng slots at mon-thurs nlng.then pagdating ko din dito sa starmall alabang sabi ng receptionist wala din daw nakaschedule sakin e samantalang nakausap ko sya sa phone at nagsabi siya na itext ko lng sya sa number then she replied asking for my full name,wala daw syang sinend n confirmation text.anu yun? Haaay grabe, sana di bumalik sa kanya ang ginagawa nya.


  11. Nagpurchase ako ng voucher for brazilian keratin blow out, 2 times na ako bumabalik sa branch ng mary pauline sa paco. Wala pa daw sila supply ng gamot for that treatment..kung wala pala clang available na gamot para sa hair treatment na un bakit ang lakas ng loob nila na magbenta sa deal site??!?!


  12. OMG I really think this is a paid post/ review. Puro bola. Nagalit pa nung tinanong. Nanay ka ba talaga, parang wala manners kung pumatol ka. And btw, you call your hair maganda? Based on what I see sa picture, hindi eh. Hindi talaga.


    1. hi! maybe you should read my reply to the comments made here. i don’t defend the mary pauline branches in anyhow. i just made an opinion / review on what i actually experienced. i had my hair done in the manduluyong kalentong branch, as i’ve said before, fortunately for me, i chose a branch that has good service. i didn’t get a single cent for that review, only a thank you.

      as for my hair, if you don’t think it’s maganda, then it’s not. it’s your opinion and you’re entitled to that. for how i answered a commenter, this is my blog and i am entitled on how i want to reply to comments made here. maybe you should read again on how that first commenter wrote her views, then maybe you’ll see where i am coming from.

      as for you questioning my pagiging NANAY, you don’t want to experience what i have to go through to be A GOOD MOTHER! you don’t know me, i don’t know you. so don’t judge on one comment made.

      if you don’t like what you’re seeing here, then don’t read. easy as that…

      thanks for taking time to read though!


  13. I don’t recommend MARY PAULINE SALON. I’ve bought 999 worth of Rebond+Treatment+Haircut at Mary Pauline Salon-Pasong Tamo Branch which they say is originally priced at 6,500 and made reservation 1 week after the date of purchase. I was schedule at 10AM which is there opening time. I was the first customer to get there but unfortunately the last one to go home at 6PM. The staff who is supposed to do my hair arrived at 2PM and even forgot my schedule. When they reminded him, he just says that I wait till he’s done with the other girl which he started doing. Fortunately another staff was free at around 3PM so she did my hair. Imagine when she finished rebonding my hair, the staff who is supposed to do my hair just finished also with the other customer. I’ve waited hours and hours for their service and even missed lunch. When I checked their price list of services the voucher I have bought is not really worth 6,500 but 999-soft rebond or 1499-rebond with treatment. I didn’t get any haircut or trim. They even said I need to pay additional 600 for Keratin Treatment because the treatment offered in the deal is just detox. The employees are unfriendly and are uncaring towards their customer. I will never ever purchase in Metrodeal again and will never ever go to any Mary Pauline Salon. I truly regret purchasing their service.


    1. Hi. I am sorry to hear about your bad experience with Mary Pauline. The review I made here was about a year ago already. And thankfully I was able to choose a good branch. It was my first and last treatment there though.


  14. Mary Pauline salon metrowalk branch, ortigas.I got voucher of metrodeal for a set of service- hair colour, treatment, cut. My appointment 4 pm, I’m 20mins early. They started service 4.30 pm. Gave book of variety hair colour sample. When they check my long hair, I felt long hair not welcome to them, They reacted ridiculously. I told them I want to trim, and not short as I’m using my hair for protection from cold as I’m living in western country. They cut my hair, the length they want. Unprofessional the way they acting and talking to customer, lazy: cut my hair short so they won’t do long job, they not doing their job properly.

    Customers have no right to choose what we like as the staffs will decide which better for us.
    Nightmare service and I avail any service from them anymore.

    Just to compare: salon de orient in makati, the staffs have more experience about hair colouring. They knew how to balance uncoloured to coloured hair.


  15. i planned to just read the reviews since i’m also considering getting the voucher, but after reading some nasty comments to the blogger, can’t help but comment too. first of all, i believe this was made for people like me who wanted to get some feedback on MP, as guide to making decisions on purchasing said voucher. (btw, i opted not to get one based on the rants above; the participating branches were exactly those mentioned by the ranters. i’d rather not stress myself over those inconveniences just so i can save a few or more pesos) of course we all are entitled to say our piece, but mind the manners please. we cannot just go ahead and accuse somebody of being a paid blogger or even stoop low as to trash somebody’s haircut! she may be a paid blogger or not, still it’s our responsibility to be cautious to reviews we read. we cannot convince others of our opinions if we comment inappropriately and irresponsibly. second thing, i can attest to the blogger’s sincerity when she claimed MP’s Kalentong branch as being clean and having courteous staff and even friendly owner. i’ve been there twice, first was for a pedicure (wasn’t a fan though since it lacked foot massage as compared to David’s salon having the same price, and seats were not comfy too) second was for a haircut which i liked very much (simple layered cut that’s easy to manage). the branch’s being fairly new and the owner’s being visible in the salon could be the reason why it’s satisfying its customers at present (staff can’t be lax in their job with their boss around, can they?). if only the deal is being offered in this branch, i would consider getting the voucher.


    1. Wow! Thank you for that! First time to have a commenter as broad minded as you!

      True enough, it is our responsibility to check the authenticity of the deals being offered. I always make it a point to research first about the deal itself. I call the numbers provided to inquire about the terms and conditions of the said deal. There were also times I thought twice of buying some offers because the one who answered my call wasn’t accommodating enough. So it’s still based on our personal judgment whether to proceed or not.

      Maybe I have to write a post about what steps to take before buying in groupon sites.

      Again, thank you for your comment. But others might say you are my friend, or I paid you to write a good comment! Oh well, we can’t please everybody! =)


  16. hi! this is very helpful as I am also considering to try their service. but now I change my mind. sometimes what is written on the voucher is not exactly what they would provide. i just hope that they’ be honest enough to give complete details and claim only the service that they will provide.


  17. Guys guys! Lets us all be matured enough by not bashing on the blogger. It’s my first time to be on her blog and I swear that I don’t know her personally, but I am blogger myself so I know how it feels. Anybody can be bloggers, given that we live in a democratic country. But the problem now is hindi na nirerespeto yung mga bloggers who are brave enough to actually make informed reviews like this. If you disagree with the blogger, justify your point but please no personal attacks like “nany ka ba talaga?’ and other stuff. PLEASE. It’s not necessary. Bashing others wouldn’t make you any better. What’s worse is, the bashers are actually using an alias, so if you guys are that matapang why not make yourselves known? Gosh. Character really is a conscious decision. You can choose to be nice or not, it’s up to you.


    1. Totally agree with you Gothfemme. Thanks for making a point here. Sometimes, these bashers just want to be that, BASH lang ng BASH kahit wala na sa lugar. Everyone’s opinion should be heard, but respect is needed if you want your opinion to be counted.

      What’s your blog by the way?


  18. Oh oh. I’m actually thinking of availing their metrodeal vouchers pa naman. One for me (color) and one for my tita (rebond). I’ve actually tried Red Salon by David’s at Timog and they’re actually good. The stylists are are very friendly and very service-oriented, although we had a little misunderstanding. I called their branch before going their to make an appointment. As I was planning to bring my sister with me, I asked how much hair spa is and the person I’m talking to said something around Php350. When we got there, I proceeded with my treatment and my sister had her hair cut and the hair spa. But when we were to pay, I was shocked to see that the hair spa cost Php700! Anyway, things were sorted out and my sister’s hair cut was free na lang. I think I’ll buy vouchers from Red Salon na lang ulit hehe..


    1. Hi. Thanks for dropping by! If you had good experience with a previous salon, why not make it your permanent salon? You probably just have to wait for new promos, and I am pretty sure there will be sooner or later.


  19. Thank you Sassybiatchemom. Don’t mind those judgmental bashers. I liked your review. I was planning to buy a metrodeal voucher for a brazilian keratin blow dry at Sir George salon (an affiliate of Mary Pauline Salon) for my sister and me. And I know that service is really dependent on the salon’s branch, but I’ve decided not to buy one because of all the negative review comments I just read.


    1. Yes. This blog is all about the real experience. No paid advertisements, as some of the readers claim.

      It’s just unfortunate that the negative experiences outnumber the good ones, or at least mine.

      Happy new year!


    2. Oh by the way, i just had my hair done at bwl salon in ortigas. I have yet to make a blog about it, as the season’s really crazy! But their services are really good and affordable too!

      You don’t need to buy any vouchers at all. Just call mitch and she will be glad to assist you.


  20. I have learned my lesson re: buying from groupon sites. I had a very bad experience with Mary Pauline Salon Pasong Tamo branch, to summarize:

    All the 3 landlines and 3 mobile phones are very difficult to reach. Which makes it very difficult to schedule for an appointment. My call to one of their mobile phones got answered finally but was cut in untimely manner.

    I was asked to text the voucher code and security which I did promptly. Hours passed and they did not reply, no advise if I can avail it on my requested date of redemption.

    They replied only after I sent a follow-up text. To add up to my disappointments, their reply was that there are no available slots on the date that I advised.

    They were not courteous enough to reply to my next queries about the possiblity for a rescheduling on an earlier weekday or if there’s a chance that they will still honor my voucher upon their advised available dates since my voucher will already be expired by then.

    I believe I have followed the voucher’s terms and conditions in availing the promo.

    I really regretted buying the voucher for Mary Pauline Salon’s service. Unfortunately, I didn’t read this blog before I bought from Metrodeal. Mary Pauline’s bad service may not be Metrodeal’s fault but they should be careful in getting merchants because having unprofessional ones in their list of merchants will result to their loss of buyers.


  21. I made this post not to taint the reputation of the blog owner in any way. For one, there’s nothing here that’s against Sassybiatchemom. I am just hoping that people will read this so they won’t get to experience what happened to me.


  22. Hi Sassybiatchemom,

    I am hoping that my comments get through. Thank you in advance and more power to your blog! 🙂 (This one’s not for posting)

    Kind regards,



  23. O geez, this trend’s too long. Mostly BAD experience. So i think ill change my mind bout buying that metrodeal of mary pauline!

    Anyways, dyou guys know any nice air perm?


  24. my gosh e type ko p nman kumua s comembo ktakot nman to,wla bang maganda??so kunwari lng pla yang promo2 n yan,fake pla,same price lng???hmmm kala q pg mp kalevel man lng ng reyes cutters anyway back out n lng aq….


  25. Madam,

    Medyo worried lang ako. Baka kasi required putulan yung hair kaya ganoon yung price nya? Kasi plan ko lang talagang magpakulay for my upcoming wedding. So medyo nag-aalangan ako. Pero I’ll try to dropby sa isa sa target na branch ko. Pero kakalokang magbasa ng comments. Mas nag-alala ako Lalo. Lol


  26. I was planning to buy pa nmn this brazilian blow dry in MP, glad i run into this.
    Well, i guess i’ll go back in Aaron Yo salon in ortigas. I had my digiperm there last 2013, I can say that I am very satisfied although the stylist who did my hair was very young, petite, lesbian(no offense). And there was an extra 1000 for the wax or cream and haircut that she had to put, although it is optional if you want to have it.


  27. I purchased a haircolor voucher and availed it at MPS Kalentong. I was super nervous adter reading here the bad experiences of some users in other branches. Anyway i still gave it a try kasi sayang unbinayad ko.

    Here’s an honest review: i called 2 days ahead and i was told na full n ung salon with appointments. I insisted politely if kaya ng saturday, the receptionist named Karen said i can go at around 4pm para sure n may open slot. When i got there, the store door said “closed” kahitmay dalawang tao sa loob. So i asked. They immediately and nicely accomodated me. Machika yung stylist ko, very friendly. Habang ginagawa yung hair ko ng junior stylist (Che) i told here na maraming bad reviews sa ibang branch ng MPS. Masiyahin si ate girl kaya ngumisi lang. tapos nagkwentuhan p kami ng lovelife. 🙂 maya maya may dalawang metrodeal costumers n magpapahair color din. Nakita ko na nastress si stylist pero inaccomodate parin niya kasi nasa appointment book. All in all, nakita ko yung hard work ni ate habang sabay sabay kaming tatlo kinukulayan.

    TAKE NOTE: not even once na minadali or naging lousy si stylist sa process. No signs of nagmamadali or tinatamad. I have a really thick remy hair. It took her 4 bottles of hair dye just to make the color show up s buhok ko. My hair is up to the mid of my back. Naexperience ko na sa ibang salons na naiirita ung mga gay stylists sa hair ko dahil sa haba, kapal at sobrang itim. The stylist in MPS Kalentong was very professional about it. And finally, after 4 hours, i went out happy. Pantay yung color kahit sipat sipatin ng boyfriend ko uung scalp ko. Hahaha.

    Overall i am very pleased with MPS Kalentong. I think they are pretty decent and the staff really do care about their work and salon image. I would recommend it to polite and respecting costumers.


  28. Hello Ms.Sassy ang ganda ng Review mu Sa MPS.KALENTONG branch curious din tuloy aku heheheh kaso di aku ganun ka familiar sa location panu po mkpunta dun from MRT.QUEZON AVE?


    1. Hi Chay. Thank you for dropping by. My review was dated a few years back na and I haven’t gone back since then. But just last year, a reader also posted her very good review about MPS Kalentong, so I guess their service hasn’t changed since.

      Please try to call them first and have an appointment so as to not hassle you. Not good with directions but here’s an insight though. You could go down at MRT Shaw, then take the jeep at Starmall. Then maybe take the jeep until Kalentong. Go down at an intersection with Jollibee, KFC and a BDO, then walk towards the way going to San Juan. On the left side, MPS is located.

      Thanks again! Hope I was able to help you. Good Luck!


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