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Our tough little tiger Daphne has a soft heart!

My husband just told me a story just now.  You see, my daughter and my husband are in Hong Kong for a vacation.  They left me because I’m pregnant with our 2nd baby.

Anyway, there are times that Daphne, our tough little tiger, is so hard headed and she wants everything to go her way. It’s like her way or no way at all!

Just this morning, she and her daddy had an argument.  Her daddy was busy doing the laundry and she was just left playing by herself.  However, she got bored so she started doing things that annoyed her daddy.  She played with her bottles, dropped some milk on the floor… In short, she started making a mess!  Her daddy got angry and scolded her.  She cried and shouted and laid on the floor!  Her daddy just ignored her, because he knew that the more he soothes her, the more she will level up her tantrums!  She even asked help from her grandma, my mother in law!  Since my MIL knew that my husband is so angry already, she just ignored the little tiger and her tantrums!  After a while, she got tired and stopped.

Now fast forward in the afternoon, Daphne was busy watching something on her IPad.  Suddenly, my husband noticed that tears were falling down her cheeks.  My husband thought she wasn’t feeling well.  He asked her if her tummy was aching, she said no.  When he asked why she was crying, she hid her face with her hand and kept on saying that it was nothing.  She even got mad at her daddy for continuously asking her why she was crying.

daphne hiding

A few minutes later, she was still on her IPad, and though there were no tears already, she was still teary eyed.  This time, her daddy got very curious already.  He silently sat beside her and watched with her.  Daphne was watching a clip about Mickey and Pluto.  And this is how the story went.

Mickey Mouse was fixing his Christmas Tree.  Pluto knocked it down.  So Mickey got mad and scolded Pluto.  Pluto quietly went to a corner, he thought Mickey doesn’t want him anymore, so he left the house.  Come Christmas Eve, Mickey was looking all over the house for Pluto, when he realized that he wasn’t home, he searched the whole town until he found him.

Daphne, at her age, was able to relate to this story. The scenario was very much like the scenario this morning with her daddy.  That is why she was crying when she was watching this clip.  She placed herself in Pluto’s shoes.  She thought Daddy is mad at him and doesn’t want her anymore.

My husband got teary eyed also while watching the clip.  He realized that Daphne, even with her toughness, she’s still got a soft spot in her tiny little heart.  Maybe she just can’t express herself that much, but we know what she is feeling.  Oh how we love our little tiger!

 Just something to pinch our hearts. Good Night!


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