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Voucher Review – Ensogo – Longchamp Le Pliage Bag

When: Order: June 20, 2012 // Delivery Date: August 3, 2012

Where: Delivered at my doorstep for delivery cost of Php 45.00

What:  Longchamp Le Pliage Long Handle Large Bag

Price: Php 2,699.00 valued at around Php 7,000.00

Groupon Site: Ensogo

My Longchamp Le Pliage finally arrived August 3, 2012 after more than a month and a half of waiting!

It was in a small package. Just the size of its paper bag folded in half.
My Longchamp Le Pliage Long Large Handle Bag!

I thought it would never be delivered. This purchase made me anxious. There were about 2 points to consider.  First, there was the authenticity of the bag.  So many high-quality fake bags are out in the market claiming to be original and authentic.  How would I know that Ensogo would not join forces with one?  I just trusted my gut instinct and continued hoping that it would turn out to be a good buy!  Well, it did and I am happy now that the bag I ordered is in my hands already!

That was the fear I had when I placed my order.  Then here’s another, the first delivery period was June 18, 2012 to July 18, 2012. Here’s my proof:

I didn’t receive my order during that period of time.  Instead, when we called up Ensogo to ask about it, we were told that it was changed to another delivery period which was July 9, 2012 to August 9, 2012.

Then that was the time my fear about being scammed took over. My husband called up Ensogo for the 2nd time and he was told that our order wasn’t on the list yet. Well, that time, I just hoped that it would come or else, I would have paid almost Php3,000.00 for nothing.

All well that ends well. I got my bag and it’s authentic. Gone were the fears I harbored for the past month and a half.  Here are some of the details we should all watch out for when checking if a Le Pliage is authentic or not.  Sorry for the not-so-clear shots as I used only my Itouch.

Diamond like patterns on the front leather flap (as against to fish like patterns)
the handle is all leather (as against to having a plastic tube inside)
the pocket inside is sewn on the bag (as against to only the top portion sewn on the bag)
all the snap buttons has clear plastic discs on the back (as against to none)
the back of the flap has an indent of the jockey logo (as against to none)
the leather on the sides of the bag are rounded (as against to pointed)

Aside from these, you should also check what’s written on the back flap.  The first line should be LONGCHAMP.  Then the second line should beLE PLIAGE “SHOPPING” – MODELE DEPOSE.

Hope you learned something from this post.  I definitely learned a lot in this purchase.  Till my next review!



Authentic or not, that was the risk I had to take when I made this purchase.  Since there was no Longchamp flagship store here in the Philippines, the authenticity of the bag could not be proven.  However, I don’t want to have to go the long way and and make a complain (as I know wala rin mangyayari, I will just be wasting my time and effort).  It’s over and done with and I already learned my lesson, the hard way!


41 thoughts on “Voucher Review – Ensogo – Longchamp Le Pliage Bag

  1. hi sis.

    I’m sorry to disappoint you, but i think you have to rechecked the authenticity of your longchamp bag again? with how the leather look, by your picture…I doubt it….
    plus, you have to consider the plastic tag attached to the bag as well….there, you can conclude if the bag is really authentic.

    You may opt to go to Rustan’s to have it checked or via online authenticity site like purseblog.

    just sharing……thanks


  2. hi sis! Somehow I feel relieved that you were able to get your Longchamp. I also got a Longchamp deal last month & the delivery period was supposed to be from July 30 up to Aug. 13 but I still haven’t received my purchase. After countless attempts, I was finally able to get through their hotline & was told that delivery is still ongoing (delay was due to bad weather we’re having since last week). I was so worried that I won’t be able to get my Longchamp due to the increasing undelivered complaints against Ensogo. Whew! After reading your post, I feel that there’s still hope of delivery. 🙂


  3. Hello, I came across your blog hoping for a review of the Le Pliage from Ensogo. I got mine they day before their promised delivery date ended. What I noticed with the bag was that while the buttons were gold, the zip handle was an old rose color. I didn’t have to think twice before concluding that this was, in fact, fake. Either Ensogo has been transacting with a shady supplier or they were in on it. I opted not to complain to Ensogo anymore as I know where it will just end up.


    1. I’m not so sure anymore. Actually, I think I will just have it checked at a Longchamp store or by someone who really knows authentic from fake.

      Thanks for the comment though. I’ll update this once I had the bag checked.


  4. Hi! Just an update, I finally got my Longchamp LM but it was not delivered. I had to ask hubby to pick it from from their office since it was taking them forever to deliver. It turned out to be fake. The back of the flop does not have the indent from the jockey logo.And just now, I had it checked by experts from PurseForum and it’s definitely FAKE. Now, I’m thinking if I should complain and wondering where it will lead me. It hurts to think that I paid P5,229 for a fake Longchamp!


    1. Oh no sis! I’m so sorry about your purchase. I still haven’t got mine checked. we definitely need to complain. The question is, will we be heard? Will research about what we can we do about these fake bags.


  5. Hi sis! You can upload photos at PurseForum ( and have the experts check its authenticity. I am already asking around where to file a complaint. Inquirer gave me (via Twitter DM) the email address of the contact person for their lifestyle column. I will try to get in touch with him/her and will give you an update. I am also on the process of writing a blog post about this. I really felt cheated. I know the gov’t is doing something against selling of counterfeit items so may be there’s something that can be done (I hope).


  6. Dottie I don’t think what you are planning to do is quite logical. First of all if you are a Longchamp buyer you should know considering the price point that no authentic Longchamp bag is of that price. Know your product before buyer. If its your first time to get one get it from the store. As consumers we are responsible to what we purchase online. Secondly, how the hell will the government do something about your issue with your bag if Longchamp does not even have a flagship store here in the Philipines. For you to be able to complain that the bag is fake you have to have a flagship store in the country you are at. Third and try to understand this… instead of complaining around and making one hell of a scene to get attention, why won’t you go to Ensogo and demand for a refund or exchange. Take the bag to Longchamp store in Thailand or better yet Paris for authentication, other than the official Longchamp store like all other designer brands,no one else is certified and licensed to authenticate the bag. Dear I read your blog and your problem is simple even you complain to Inquirer you’ll get the same question… if you really are upset about your bag why don’t you go to Ensogo and deal with the issue personally like any other decent customer would do? Do you really think complaining to the public would help you get a refund? Think! Getting what you deserve as a customer is your right so instead of wasting your time blogging to complain and start a revolution or something GO TO ENSOGO AND DEAL WITH THE ISSUE PERSONALLY! There you make your own demands.


  7. Hi, I also purchase an LM bag from ensogo, they accidentally delivered 2 bags to me, upon checking I notice that the serial numbers of the 2 bags are exactly the same, which I think is a sign that it’s a fake. I was planning to have it authenticated at purse forum, but another buyer already posted pics of her LM bag, maybe it was sis dottie here, and I saw that her bag also has the same serial numbers as the 2 bags here with me. So I did not bother to post pics anymore, I am very sure that these bags are fake.
    I’ve already contacted ensogo and demanded a refund because even though they sold the bags cheaper, they specifically said AUTHENTIC and ORIGINAL in their site, I even called twice to their hotline to confirm if it was original, and they said it was, before I made a purchase, they even told me to have it authenticated at Rustans.
    To sassybiatchemom, I really really hope your bag is authentic
    To Dottie, I already talk to one of ensogo’s staff, I will be going to their main office this week to return bags and ask for refund, I just hope they will return my money back ASAP.


    1. Hi! I already had my bag checked at purseforum, they told me it was fake! I’m also going to contact ensogo and ask for a refund. There’s nothing wrong in trying!

      But I guess it’s going to be a long haul!

      To us who were duped, let this be a lesson to us.


  8. @Cherry: are the bags of the same color? the serial number on each long champ color, size and model are the same. i.e. all large long handle black le pliage should have the same serial number.


    1. So it doesn’t necessarily mean that the bags sis cherry got were fakes?

      Cherry, update us what happens on your visit to ensogo. So we could follow your footsteps on asking for a refund!

      Hay.. 😦 we only want to save a little and this is what we get. So bad…


  9. Lovely – thanks for your comments and advice. However, most of them are pointless at this point since I already made my first purchase online and not at a store. Second, I’ve made as much research as I could before I purchased the product including asking Ensogo to vouch for the authenticity of what I’m buying. I checked the product as soon as I’ve received it and have seeked the opinion of the people at and researched websites that help you evaluate the authenticity of the product. At this point, I think I could say I’ve done my homework and my responsibility. I totally agree with you that we as consumers are responsible for what we purchase online or in-store. Yet no matter how responsible we can be, we can never be 100% protected from companies that knowingly (or may be even unintentionally) deceive customers or deliver poor quality products. That’s why there are such things as customer reviews, and forums and blogs. Those are venues that would help potential customers from falling victims to such companies. That’s why people posts their experience in blogs and forums. How else would other people become aware? People have a right to express their opinions and share their experiences — decent companies actually encourage that. If you have a smartphone, then you know that phone apps seek ratings and reviews in order to improve their products. Only shady businesses would hate customer feedback. Why would you equate mine to “starting a revolution”? I was extremely unhappy with my experience and I will not pretend otherwise. As far as returning the merchandise, we all know that’s never an easy task. Besides, I was promised good quality and service, I expected nothing less, why do I need to suffer the hassles of returning it? That’s why there’s such organizations as Better Business Bureau in the US & Canada ( — to report undesirable businesses. That’s why there’s Consumer Welfare and Business Regulation under our Department of Trade and Industry (h And yes, I’ve contacted Longchamp and Ensogo (received responses from Longchamp and none from Ensogo), because I am a decent customer. But that doesn’t stop there. I will continue to exercise my freedom of expression, as I am entitled to my opinion, so that I can help future customers make informed decisions.


  10. Sis Sassybiatchemom & Sis Cherry – this whole thing is definitely a learning experience to us. We just have to do what we have to do and what we think is best.


    1. Yes Sis Dottie! You are right! Let’s just hope for the best. Refund or not, we have to let others know what we’ve been through. So that they won’t go through what we’ve been through. Ensogo should also be responsible for the things they sell in their site.


  11. Thank you for posting your review on the Ensogo Longchamp deal. I’ve been a bit apprehensive about this deal as it seems too good to be true. Now that I’ve read your blog, I won’t even bother. Thank you! 🙂


  12. Sis who bought the le pliage tote bags have you tried to compare those bags in rustans? Because i plan to buy also but when i read your review i doubt to buy already in ensogo.


    1. Hi Marjorie! I personally haven’t had the chance to go to
      Rustan’s to have the bag checked.

      But I suggest, if you really want a longchamp, find a seller who are known to you or at least, known to somebody you know. To prevent being scammed of fake bags!

      Good luck! 🙂


  13. Not commenting about the bag’s authenticity but your source’s legitimacy.

    Purse forum is such a fake. Most of the people there who “authenticates” bags are once newbies and asks questions about their bags authenticities. After lurking around the site for quite some time and posting quite a number of posts/replies to the others commenters, they deem their selves professional and legit to authenticate.

    I’ve been a reader at TPF for quite some time already when I stopped because I was so appalled on how audacious they act when people inquire how they knew the bag was a fake when they were also once a newbie with it.

    How can months of lurking and posting on a forum make a person legitimate and believable? Ask them how they knew if a bag was fake and they would never give you a solid answer, saying that they are afraid that people would copy it and make fake seem more authentic. LOADS OF CRAP. Post a rather challenging comment about their legitimacy and you will see your account blocked.

    You can search the net for proofs of authenticity and there are sites where they would even discuss how the tags and serials work. Why are they not copying it? Because there is such a thing as patent and registration. If fakers copy it, they know they cant escape being sued. Thats the reason why fakers do their bags in a way where you can distinguish it no matter how small it is.

    I am not saying anything about your bag’s authenticity but please be careful where you get your info. Just because a forum is swarmed with bag aficionados, doesn’t mean that they are also authorized on this field.

    If you can see hundreds of articles claiming TPF is good, you can also see that much saying how it was a scam and pretentious. Start by googling “is TPF legit?”.
    Not to rub salt on your wound, this same gullibility is the exact attitude that lead you to buying that bag.

    I hope you take this constructively and not take offense. Thank you.


  14. The Metrodeal LM Longchamp sold at Php 3985 is also a class AA longchamp. You can spot that it’s Fake from afar. It’s shinier than the original LM. Also the pockets are bigger. My officemate bought her LM at metrodeal, we compared it with my LM and the difference is noticeable. Fake talaga sold as “authentic” in the deal. Checked the site and they sold 257 bags. I hope she gets a refund.


  15. this is truly sad.. some people are greedy enough to do this.. i was also a victim of fake long champ.. good thing is, i bought it in a very cheap price because it was sold to me as second hand.. i was really thinking it was original because i’ve been using it for a while and it looks fine until one day i thought of checking some reviews and ways to identify fake from original.. when i found out mine was fake.. i felt bad.. i’ve been bragging it to my husband that it was a good buy.. it was original and i even use it all the time .. i felt so little that i was thinking i was using an authentic bag when after all it was not.. anyway.. i bought it for a cheap price so i think that was fine.. i cannot blame the person that sold the bag because it was just a gift to her and she just ran out of funds that’s why she sold it.. the person that gave that bag to her is a businesswoman so i never thought that person would purchase a fake item.. hehehe


  16. So sorry to hear that. I also recently availed of a Metrodeal longchamp. I am awaiting delivery next month. This got me all scared. Did anyone avail of the le pliage deal at 2699 each?


  17. @Chickiepoo – I bought one, 2599 dun sa mgj enterprise yun seller.
    Ewan, after reading all their comments I have no expectation that I bought genuine one. Will be delivered on April 22. Let’s see, but not hoping.


  18. bought mine at metrodeal for 2699Php. it’s FAKE. Emailed the seller and metrodeal. Still waiting for a response. Lesson learned: NEVER EVER EVER buy suspiciously lower priced designer bags claiming to be “genuine” and “authentic”.. Good thing that was my first time to buy through a discount site.. It’s surely going to be my last hahaha I’ve read about people getting duped on discount sites and warning others.. I wish i’d read that before I clicked “Buy Now!” 🙂


  19. Don’t they have policy regarding the authenticity of the products they are selling? If this is true, it can ruin their reputation.. Someone needs to report this to DTI or any government sectors who can give sanctions.


  20. After twelve months my Longshamp Pliage bag has developed little bubbles on the nylon material of the bag. Can anything be done about this as I feel I have been sold a poor quality bag


  21. hi there. bought mine at ebay, all the signs are there that the bag is authentic except that there was a black plastic tube coming out from one of the handles. seller said it is authentic, it was a good buy because he said he gets the LC from the factory, thus, the very cheap price, almost 2k php only. so until now, i am not sure if the bag i bought is authentic or not. another question for you, ladies, is that, seller said he will offer a refund after i deliver the bag back, problem is , his account is no longer registered at ebay considering that he is a power seller.


  22. hi,, ive had purchased from cashcashpinoy and it was my first buying vouchers with items to be delivered..

    trusting them, without any doubt, that they’re selling authentic ones..
    when my parcel arrived hecked!on one look i knew their tory burch was fake..

    It was indeed really hefty for a fake one!

    well anyway lesson learned i wouldn’t trust any voucher site anymore with high end stuffs


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  24. “Sassybiatchemom says: …I hope yours is real. Actually, I didn’t bother to have mine checked. It looks real to me and doesn’t matter what other people might say.”

    Hi, this is a very misleading kind of mentality, as well as the last paragraph (update) on your blog. At least have the decency to admit your bag is fake and not go into denial mode. It’s fake. Everyone who got it from Ensogo, CashCashPinoy, MetroDeal, or any other site for 2,199-3,999 in these “deals” are fakes.

    “It looks real to me and doesn’t matter what other people might say.” That’s okay if you want to go about using your bag, but please be clear that your bag is actually fake.

    I say this because upon reading your post, I actually thought you got an authentic bag, by the way you phrased everything. Maybe you should put the update on top of your blog too, not at the bottom. Because some people looking to verify if Ensogo sells authentic bags might be mislead by your blog.

    Aside from that, your blog is actually helpful. It shows that even the fake manufacturers know which details to focus on to mislead or convince people who already have it that it isn’t fake. The photos are especially helpful.


  25. buy from legit stores, Longchamp have strict quality assurance and contract with its in-house(europe) manufacturers and china(yes china) that their bags are only sold in Longchamp or legit stores (Rustans and dutyfree here in phil)
    Longchamp in any country doesn’t put the bag on 50% sale, so kung meron man, it wont even go down to 5k, so think before you buy!


  26. I just bought 2 miracle socks at Ensogo last month, April 2015. It was delivered 4 days after I paid for it. When the products came, I checked it and I noticed that the boxes were old and teared already like it was opened by someone who checked the products. I am very disappointed at it. Next, I also ordered 4pcs of LED Light Bulb. The watts of the bulb that I ordered is 7. When it was delivered 10 days after I paid for it, they gave me a wrong watts percentage. Instead of 7 watts I received 3 watts.
    I’m thinking that this kind of online store will harm many people. I just wanted to warn all the costumers that think that Ensogo is a great online shop in the Philippines. Actually it is not. I’m very disappointed. I will not order again any products at Ensogo. Bad costumer service, bad products and selling fake products. I really hate ENSOGO!!!!!!!!!!!! Waste of MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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