Voucher Review – Cash Cash Pinoy – Chateau Royale

When: January 28 – 29, 2012
Where: Chateau Royale in Batangas
What: Enjoy 2D/1N of Fun and Relaxation / Good for 4 people                Price: Php 1999.00 valued at Php 4200.00 / savings: Php 2201.00

Groupon Site: Cash Cash Pinoy / Deal Here

My hubby bought 2 coupons so we could bring the whole family!  The picture above is the front lawn of Chateau Royale. Inside is the reception area and the different indoor activities you could do. Though we weren’t able to enjoy those anymore due to lack of time.  The cafe is just outside the lobby and the beach inspired pool area! Which we also weren’t able to try because the weather’s too cool for my 18 month old daughter!

Here’s a picture of me and baby – background the playground on the pool.

Here’a another photo of the pool area, you can see the sand beside the pool!

A picture of my brother in law and baby – background our log cabin inspired rooms!

Forgot to take pictures inside the room, but it’s really big. It can fit more than 4 people. The only downside was, there’s only 1 bed which can sleep 2 people, the other 2 would have to sleep on the floor, on 2 uncomfortable mattresses. Since the room was big, they should have put another bed in there. Oh, and the air conditioning in 1 room drips. Didn’t bother to complain about that also. We were too tired already, we just moved the bed away from the dripping air con!

There were a lot of cabinets you can use if you are staying for a longer period. And if you’re many.

We didn’t get to do much on Day 1 since we arrived late in the afternoon already. And we also went out to dinner at Tagaytay which was only a 15 minute drive away if there was no slow car in front of you!

On Day 2, we all woke up early and availed of the free breakfast at the Chateau’s Cafe.  I thought it was a buffet free for all, I was wrong! You only get to choose 1 viand – Corned Beef or Ham plus a sunny side up egg and garlic rice to complete the meal. For the drinks, you get to choose from coffee or orange juice!

Here’s my breakfast!

I realized there’s not much to complain about since we got our rooms on a discount. At Php 2,ooo or Php 500 per person, a free set breakfast is fine already!

After breakfast, we strolled along the vast compound. Here’s a photo of the whole family in the driveway!

We went to the fishing pond, there were some guests who actually caught fishies from that green pond! For a fee, though!

Then we posed for another family pic in one of the wooden benches in the park.

Then we saw some horses! The mother horse is tied but the little pony is not. And it’s free to roam around the whole compound.

The Manong was kind enough to saddle up the mama horse so that my little one could ride atop of it for picture taking, for free of course!

The Chateau Royale, aside from really having a large area for guests to enjoy and connect with nature, they also boasts of lots and lots of green houses where organic vegetables are farmed. And they sell them to tourists as well.

The staff were nice and accommodating, it was fast and easy to check in and out. The whole place is secured, you can see guards roaming around even at night. Aside from those stationed at the gate who checks the people who comes and goes.. The rooms have triple locks installed at the doors. The whole place is relatively clean and green. I say 4 out 5 stars for this resort.

Another family photo with the Chateau Royale Tarpaulin as background inside the lobby.

And that caps off our experience at the Chateau Royale Batangas.

See you there!

8 thoughts on “Voucher Review – Cash Cash Pinoy – Chateau Royale

  1. I just hope that by posting a comment through your CashCash Pinoy Review, I will get a final response on their failure to replace a defective Delkin SP019 Speaker System that I purchased from them.

    I have been communicating with their Ms. Maricar and Ms. Tin until they pulled-out the defective unit and after several follow-ups, they eventually replaced it with THE VERY SAME DEFECTIVE SPEAKER THAT WAS PREVIOUSLY DELIVERED.

    I know this because I placed some identifying marks inside the box and it was the same box with the defective speaker. Still, I chose not to be negative and tested the speakers from my iPod and my laptop. Still, it was defective.

    I do not know if they are trying to pull a fast one on me or are they simply ignorant about it? I have sent several emails again but to my disappointment, they have not given even the slightest squeak.



    1. Oh! I am sorry to hear about this. I hope by this time, they would have replaced your unit!

      There was an instance that I also got mislead about an item CCP sold. The Swarovski pens. They are like those cheap pens you could buy at SM, only, CCP’s double the price!

      I wrote them about this, they replied immediately. However, they insisted that they didn’t say it was an actual Swarovski pen, but a pen with Swarovski elements. I didn’t bother to push my complaint anymore as I know I would just be pushing my luck.

      From then on, I promised to be more careful on items I buy from the Group Buying Sites!

      As for you, I hope you finally got a working speaker!


  2. Hi,

    Just want to share my very bad experience with CashCashPinoy and their travel agency partner Alva Travel Corporation. I purchased vouchers for Japan. Rate was very good. Unfortunately, it’s too good to be true. Turns out that the other charges (airline charges) not covered in the vouchers are 4 times higher than if you would book your flight on your own. When I complained about it, the reason given is that the rates Alva got from the airline is higher than those offered in the airline website. Things didn’t pan out well so I just asked for a refund instead. Unfortunately, CashCashPinoy and Alva Travel do not want to make a refund. Now my payment is trapped with them.

    I hope we can all collate our bad experiences with CashCashPinoy and collectively demand that the merchant be penalized for the wrong business practices they do. I think given that they have been able to get away from the inconvenience they have caused, they will continue to do the same to more and more customers who fall prey on their tactics.


    1. Hi! I am very sorry to hear about what happened to you. I dont usually buy travel vouchers from groupon sites. They have these hidden terms and conditions that would really hurt you financially. And some of the agencies dont even have landline contact numbers. so it’s really scary! maybe you could strike a compromise with ccp and ask for exchange instead. Hope it all goes well for you. Thanks.


  3. My BAD experience was that I ordered a wall sticker from them and had it paid last April 30. An item arrived to us last May 23 but it was not what I ordered. I emailed them EVERYDAY to have it replaced but they only replied last June 2 saying they will investigate. I made a follow-up again EVERYDAY but they have stopped responding to my emails already.


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