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Daphne’s Kawasaki Scare!

Daphne had all the symptoms of a Kawasaki virus, that’s why her pediatrician, Dr Alexander Koa Lee, immediately requested for a CBC Platelet count! It was really a scare!

She has been suffering from viral infections before this. She had cough and cold and was having slight fevers! A week ago, when she was recovering, we let her out the house to have some sunshine. Unfortunately, the doctor thinks that the heat from the ground (since it just rained) and the sudden change of weather caused her the additional virus she’s experiencing now. Her immune system was not that strong then.

So ever since that day out, she began having fevers at night, highest was at 39.3 degrees! It made her super uncomfortable she couldn’t sleep at all. Though it’s only at night she’s irritable, it’s just different when her temperature is hitting the 39’s!

We just went to the doctor the friday before that and she was already given antibiotics, so we just thought that it hasn’t taken effect yet! Daphne’s very active during the day. She’s happy and played normally. She even had a healthier appetite than before.

This last Saturday though, Daphne felt very uncomfortable and sick. She kept crying the whole day, didn’t want to play and didn’t want to eat! Her fever slightly went down during the day or no fever at all. But comes nighttime, it suddenly goes up again! Then came the rashes on her hands and feet. Her mouth very red and her tongue seemed like it was having goosebumps! My husband and I decided to have her checked again.

I called her pulmonary pedia for an appointment, and told the secretary to please wait for us since we didn’t know what to do with Daphne anymore. It was already 5pm.

When we got there, it was then that we learned about this Kawasaki disease. These are the symptoms:
a) fever
b) rashes on hands and feet
c) strawberry tongue
d) swollen hands and feet
e) very red lips / chapped lips

All these Daphne had, so we immediately followed doctor’s order and had her blood examined. And that’s another thing, how will they be able to get blood for CBC Platelet counting? Daphne’s sure to get hurt. It saddens me that my little baby had to go through this.

We went to the Metropolitan Medical Hospital immediately after leaving the clinic of Dr Alex at Chinese General Hospital. That was about 8pm already!

When it was Daphne’s turn, we asked for the best medical technologist the laboratory had! Turned out, there’s no need for actual extrAction of blood, they will only prick her!
Thank God! I couldn’t bear to see Daphne that way, so I asked Dennis (my husband) to carry her into the extraction room. She cried so loud I almost cried.

We went to MMC the next day to get the results, then we proceeded to CGH again to see Dr Alex! Good thing he offered to see us on a Sunday! When he saw the results, he immediately ruled out Kawasaki! We were so happy to hear that!

My baby’s platelet was normal, and the result also showed that there were some bacteria or virus inside Daphne’s little body! We happily went to Jollibee to celebrate since Jolly Spaghetti is Daphne’s favorite!

But what is it about Kawasaki that’s scary? Find out on my next post!

What is Kawasaki Disease?

For now, I am just super happy and thankful that Daphne doesn’t have it!


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