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Weaning Starts Now!

A few months ago, I was very sure that I wouldn’t start weaning Daphne anytime soon. But now, there are a few reasons why I should start weaning my baby!

First is she’s beginning to feel so attached to my breasts! When she wants ma-mam, she points and pulls up my shirt. At night, she wouldn’t sleep without nursing first, even if she’s just downed a bottle of formula milk! The problem here is, I don’t think she gets full when she nurses exclusively at night as she keeps on tossing and turning the whole night!

Second, my mother in law told me that breastfeeding is not good anymore now that I have gotten back my period. She said that even the bad things from my body will be transferred to the baby. Wait a minute, before some breastfeeding advocates react, I know this has no basis since I have researched about her concern, and I have seen none. I mean, I haven’t read anything that says a mother can’t nurse her child anymore once her period is back. But as Filipino saying goes, “Wala naman mawawala kung susunod o maniniwala!”

Third, my supply is not enough for her anymore. After all, she’s a growing baby. My pumping sessions at the office went from thrice to twice to once to none a day! It goes without saying that my milk decreased as the months went by!

Lastly, we’re trying to make a baby dragon boy! I don’t think that needs explaining!

So there, you read my reasons! Next blog will be the first night of weaning! That was a crying night! 😦


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