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Voucher Review: Ensogo – ChillSPAce Nails Spa & Coolers

When: July 2, 2011
Where: ChillSPAce Nails Spa & Coolers at Quezon City
What: ChillSPAce Package inclusive of Manicure, Pedicure, Hand Spa & Foot Spa and 30-minute Hand & Foot Reflex Price: Php 360.00 valued at Php 900.00 / savings: Php 540.00

Groupon Site: Ensogo / Deal Here


 This is the ChillSPAce Nails Spa & Coolers Logo! I love this version! Looks really cool!

It was a quaint little corner in a condo along E Rodriguez Ave in Quezon City.

It was a little bit hard to find because their signage wasn’t outside their building! Instead, it was in the building next to them. We were dropped by my husband in that next building, so me and my mother in law had to walk under the scorching sun to go to the “right” building where ChillSPAce is really located. And we had to ask the guards also where it was because on that “right” building was a driveway.  Yun pala, you have to walk a little bit more to see the cute spa!

When we got inside, we were greeted by the receptionist warmly.  However, since it was a Saturday, they can’t accommodate us yet! We waited for 2 hours to have our nails done! Take note! We had a reservation!!!

While waiting, we tried the coolers, Taro for me and Green Tea for my MIL! Yummyness!

 Since there wasn’t anything to do, I checked their Menu!

I love how there is the word CHILL in the names of the treatments!

Our package was a combination of their treatments.

After hours of waiting, we finally got our seats inside!

My MIL took the leftmost seat, and I took the seat next to her, which is the color RED! I love RED!

I love the interior of the ChillSPAce spa. The seats are comfortable. The wall mural adds oomph to the spa!

There are clean magazines to read while having your nails done too!

After being seated, our feet were immediately soaked in the footspa machine. Bubbles up and the foot scrub begins! My feet felt very very clean after! They looked so white! And you can see all the dead skin on the towel! Good bye dead skin cells!

While I am having my foot scrub, somebody else was also doing my hand. Talk about service! But the hand spa wasn’t as good as the foot spa! Maybe because our hands’ skin’s softer compared to our feet’s skin! After the hand and foot spa, manicure and pedicure began! I love the glittery blue color. It made my skin whiter! And the polish wasn’t like other polish that’s easy to break and chip off!

After the manicure and pedicure, the hand and foot reflex began. It felt so good! Because not only my hands were massaged, my whole arms were massaged too! I even felt sleepy for a while there! It was the same for the foot reflex! My muscles went a little tingly from the pressure! In a good way!

My experience with ChillSPAce Nails Spa & Coolers was memorable and amazing!

If not for the super LONG waiting time, I would have given it a perfect score! But it still gets 4.5 out of 5 stars!

I will definitely go back! See you then!

Photos from ChillSPAce Facebook Page.


2 thoughts on “Voucher Review: Ensogo – ChillSPAce Nails Spa & Coolers

  1. Hi ma’am! We apologize for the waiting time as it was truly a challenging day! (will try to make sure that it won’t happen again) THANK YOU so much for the patience and the wonderful review! We are glad that you had a wonderful experience in our SPA. We sure do hope to see you more often! 🙂

    -chillSPAce staff and mgt-


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