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Voucher Review – Ensogo – David’s Salon

When: September 3, 2011
Where: David’s Salon / Wilson Street Branch
What: Hair Rebonding (Any Length) with Intense Ceramide Treatment and Foot Spa with Pedicure
Price: Php 2000 .00 valued at Php 7650.00 / savings: Php 5650.00

Groupon Site: Ensogo / Deal Here

I bought this voucher a few months back and it’s only today that I was able to avail it. I booked my appointment 2 weeks before! And because of the volume of people who bought the voucher – 700+ at that – the salon was fully booked already!

Anyway, I didn’t have a hard time booking my appointment as the receptionist was gracious enough to answer my questions about the voucher and the schedules that are both convenient for me and them.

I got there 30 minutes ahead of my scheduled time, so I could get a feel of the people in the salon, as I will be staying there for a good 4 to 5 hours! I waited a few minutes in the reception area, to be approached after by the Senior Stylist. He touched my then very wet, out of the shower hair, and said that I should also get my hair colored! He also offered to cut my hair but I said no because I am growing my hair long. We bargained for the price of the cellophane service and he gave it to me at Php 1100.00 instead of Php 1500.00.  I told myself, not bad at all!

Since my hair was wet and all, they didn’t shampoo my hair anymore. They applied the Loreal Matrix in my hair and left it for 20 minutes. After waiting, they combed the hair straight down, while I was busy having my foot scrub and pedicure.  By the way, I also availed of a manicure for Php 120.00. Time to prettify! Hehe…

After combing my hair straight, they left it again for a few minutes. They rinsed it thoroughly after. My only complaint was their rinsing chair wasn’t comfortable. I even got a stiff neck until a few days after. I kept on nudging my neck because it’s hurting already.  I got the sympathy from the junior stylist who was rinsing my hair, who said that the salon should change that chair already since it was not comfortable for clients like me!

Back to my story, after that painful rinse, they blow dried my hair.  This time, I can see the difference from my before and after hair!   Hmm, getting excited! Then here comes the tough and hot part! Time to iron my hair and straight it out!  This step took more than an hour to finish, but I first thought that it took so fast compared to others. Well, as explained by the stylist, it’s because my hair wasn’t curly or wavy at all, it doesn’t even need to be rebonded! Haha! Who is she to judge what I want to do with my hair! My hair flies away in all directions before I had it rebonded! Giving me that “mahangin sa labas” look!

They applied cellophane directly after ironing my hair, supposed to leave it for 30 minutes, but then the senior hair stylist panicked when he saw that the color is fast reflecting on my hair already after 15 minutes! He brushed and brushed my hair with his gloved hands.  Left it again for a few minutes then here comes the dreaded part, rinsing again!

This time rinsing took longer than the first rinse, because I had color in my hair! While shampooing, the junior stylist kept on saying that the hair looks good on me! i thought, kissing ass = big tip! 😛

They blowed dry my hair and voila, my hair’s straight as the daang matuwid!

I love my hair! Worth all 5 hours of my time without my baby Daphne!



serious look eh! haha!

4 out of 5 stars for my rebond

2 out of 5 stars for my mani pedi / foot spa



8 thoughts on “Voucher Review – Ensogo – David’s Salon

  1. The next time I read your blog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me up to this place. After all, It was my choice to read, however actually thought youd have something interesting to say. All I hear is a lot of whining about something that you could fix in case you werent too busy trying to find attention.


    1. Well, I didn’t whine that much at all! I even rated the salon a good grade! And just to remind you, this is a personal blog and this is a review post! Thank you for your time and your comment! 🙂


  2. Gustong gusto ko na rin sana magpa-rebond huhuhu … Kaso wala namang voucher sa metrodeal, ensogo, or cashcashpinoy na David’s salon rebonding … Super damaged na ng hair ko kaya need na nya ng alaga and I think only David’s can provide this to me 🙂 But their services almost worth a fortune hmm … I think I really should wait for a discount voucher na lang. I do not want to spend my savings just for my hair care naman …


  3. Don’t even dare think that david’s salon is the best salon for you. It’s just the name they’re holding and the price that makes them high value. Everything is expensive there for no reason. The service is very bad and there is not quality to their work even their senior hair stylist is bad, he/she should retire badly. Got my pretty hair dearly damaged for a treatment worth 6000 pesos, the memory was so bad that I don’t want to explain how damaged it is.


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