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Addicted to Groupon Sites

I am kinda addicted to Groupon Sites lately! So, for those who wants to get big discounts like me, feel free to browse through my list!

These are the sites that I visit everyday. I love checking on new deals, and even if I don’t need anything at all, I buy from them when something catches my fancy! Talk about being shopaholic online!

Ensogo Let’s Save Together 

MetroDeal Live your City for Less  

CashCashPinoy We Got a Deal



Have fun browsing through these websites! Enjoy shopping! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Addicted to Groupon Sites

  1. Hmm interesting…unfortunately a lot of those websites don’t apply to where I live. The only one I have used before is Living Social and I have browsed stuff on it but never really purchased a coupon off there before. I might one of these days though if I find one that interests me XD.

    Also…welcome back to blogging!


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