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Wean or Not?

My baby Daphne is now 1 year and 1 months. Should I start weaning her or not?

A lot has changed. My milk supply is starting to decrease. My breasts don’t get full if i don’t let it out for a whole day! Compared to feeling so full by lunchtime before! I only pump once a day in the office as opposed to thrice a day!

What didn’t change was Daphne’s love for my breasts! I feel she’s attached to them! She still nurses all night long. Her doctor even instructed me not to nurse her at night anymore! But I still do, because she’ll wake up if I don’t! Staying up in the middle of the night is harder than nursing her. I have already mastered the art of nursing while lying and sleeping!

Daphne’s even learned how to point at my breasts, pull up my shirt and babble the word “mam-mam” which means she loves to nurse now!

Breastfeeding Daphne is the only Thing that no one can take away from me! This is our time to bond! And the decision to wean her or not would definitely be a hard one to make.

I also want to give her the nutrients that she could get from me until it lasts. It’s better to have some than none at all!

It’s definitely a big sacrifice to breastfeed. Ever since I gave birth, I haven’t had the chance to sleep a straight 8-hour sleep! My body is aching from doing different positions while lying in bed so she could nurse in the middle of the night. Everyday, I have to carry this big black bag to office which consists of my Medela pump and bottles. I can’t stay out so late when I go out with my friends because Daphne couldn’t sleep when she’s not breastfed at night. I have to hurry home.

Even though there are times that I think about stopping, the best of me still choose to continue, so I guess it’s NOT for now!

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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